501Ops Empowers Nonprofits with Good, Clean Data

501Ops provides nonprofit organizations with advanced technology for back-office operations to collect, store, and use their data most effectively and transform raw data into visualizations and actionable insights that enable their customers to drive greater impact for their causes.

The size and complexity of available data is growing in leaps and bounds. But “garbage in is garbage out,” says Peter Swanson, CEO and co-founder of 501Ops. Swanson says he tries to help his clients only collect the most useful and relevant data for their daily work. This produces intelligence that improves the way they deliver services — and can make a difference in someone’s life

501Ops gives their customers a way to visualize complex data. Using these clear and meaningful visualizations, customers can tell their stories to donors, funders, regulators, and even their board in a more compelling way. By embedding analytics with Sisense, customers can examine data in a way that suits them, and they can use it to explore advanced analytics projects like predictive and artificial intelligence.

Although nonprofits may be less focused on ROI than their for-profit counterparts, they still want a way to get intelligence out of raw data — while keeping costs down. Sisense helps 501Ops save their customers an average of 80 hours a month in data collection and storage.

“Our partners had this light-bulb moment,” says Swanson. “‘I was spending all this time trying to do something that can now be automated. What used to take me two months to generate one report now takes me one hour.’”

“Nonprofits can now spend their time focused on their mission, instead of moving data from one excel spreadsheet to the next.”