Air Canada Improves Flight Safety with Embedded Analytics

Shaul Shalev, Safety Analytics & Innovation Manager at Air Canada, is responsible for the safety, quality, environment, and security of his company and employees — and of their passengers, as well.

Safety first and safety last. It’s embedded in the DNA of Air Canada employees, from the C-level down to the people on the ground interacting with customers. Constant reporting on safety-related KPIs generates hundreds of gigs of data. Sisense allows Air Canada to extract meaningful insights and has become an indispensable operational management tool.

Air Canada

Presenting relevant dashboards and stats to executive stakeholders is useful and important. But providing access to actionable data to their front-line employees empowers them to make immediate decisions — and improves safety in real-time for both passengers and flight staff.

“It’s all about what you do with the data you collect,” says Shalev. “Unless you have a clear method of slicing and dicing that data, and presenting it to users, it’s not really useful. With a tool like Sisense, it changes the game altogether.”

Air Canada has invested heavily in integrating AI into many different facets of their businesses operations. For example, embedding AI into the corporate safety processes will transform operations in the maintenance department, where an airplane part can be flagged and replaced before it fails. Using this powerful tool to monitor all processes can improve the bottom line for the airline — and make air travel safer for all of us.

What will be next for Air Canada? As Shalev says, the sky’s the limit.