Disability Non-Profit Amadip-Esment Boosts Managerial Efficiency Using Sisense

Executive Summary

Amadip-Esment is a nonprofit organization that helps people with intellectual disabilities enjoy the best possible quality of life. The organization offers a wide variety of services including housing, leisure activities, occupational workshops, a day center, and training and employment - both with external companies and in various internal business units, such as printing, gardening, cleaning, restaurants, and agriculture. The organization has operated on the Spanish island of Mallorca since 1962 and has 470 employees.

By adopting Sisense, the team were able to synchronize data from all parts of the organization, drawing out insights that continue to make huge improvements to managerial efficiency and effectiveness all the time.

The Challenge: Combining Disparate Data Sources

As an organization with so many different projects, departments and moving parts, Amadip-Esment collect vast amounts of information from many different sources. These include human resources, their financial ERP, operational software at restaurants and printing units, as well as specific software systems containing sensitive data, relating to persons with disabilities.


Until now, the team had spent a tremendous amount of time and effort manually collecting data and arranging it in Excel pivot tables to draw out insights. Clearly, this was a far from the perfect solution – not only was it labor intensive, but the analysis was highly limited.

First and foremost, the team needed to increase the efficiency of how all these pieces of the puzzle were organized and managed. To do this, they realized they would need a core BI platform that allowed for managerial reporting and customized data queries. Above all, they needed something that brought all their disparate data together in a single system for analysis.

The Search is on

Amadip-Esment had tried out a few other BI tools in the past, but none had managed to address their primary pain points.

They needed something simple and straightforward (i.e. easy to set up, use and maintain), that would be fast to implement, and that came with powerful and flexible visualization features. Before they discovered Sisense, the team said, “nothing else came close.”

Having decided to try out Sisense, the organization began with a trial phase, where they set up a test database and successfully ran the software successfully using very cheap PC hardware. Once they purchased the solution, setup was easy – and they were ready to go.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

In no time at all, the team was able to create a set of management dashboards that allowed several department and activity managers to get all the information they needed, in the format they wanted it. As the team explain, for them it’s all about creativity: today, managers have the freedom to design exactly what data they want to see and how it should be presented.

As a result, they can gain a swift and complete snapshot of any part of the organization, how well they are doing, and where there are still improvements to be made when it comes to efficiency and productivity.

What is great is how we are able to quickly and easily create dashboards and reports for additional departments and managerial needs.

Hero Moment

Since introducing Sisense, Amadip-Esment has seen huge improvements to managerial efficiency and effectiveness – and continues to improve all the time, as more and more insights from its data are unlocked.

The team attributes this to the platform’s ease of use: it’s now incredibly simple for managers to analyze information drawn from many different sources. Meanwhile, centralizing all of this data and reports into one place, visualized on one set of dashboards, saves a tremendous amount of time and energy, while handing over the reins to business users means real BI is readily available to the people who need it most.