Faster Workflows and Real‑Time Insights for ADHI, Inc.

American Dream Home Improvement, Inc. (ADHI, Inc.) is one of the largest exterior home repair and storm restoration companies in the nation, supporting homeowners in 15 states with all their roofing and siding needs.

The company supports hundreds of sales representatives, home inspectors and contractors, who in turn manage thousands of home repair jobs. Sales managers and corporate employees need to manage the performance of a distributed team to understand:

  • Which regions are under or overperforming?
  • How is the sales force performing?
  • What jobs are resulting in follow-up services and repairs, and how can the company control for the factors (e.g., locations, crews, materials, etc.) causing them?

There was a strong need for data that users could act on, but no way to efficiently service the numerous requests coming in.

“Before Sisense for Cloud Data Teams, the turnaround for data requests was very slow. End users would send a request to the director of IT, who would log it alongside any other IT requests, like web pages and features. It would be very slow to get any type of reports out. I know there were at least a few departments who would have to wait months for reports,” said Josh Farekas, data analyst at ADHI.

That all changed when ADHI’s director of IT discovered Sisense for Cloud Data Teams.

Faster response times for data requests

Sisense for Cloud Data Teams offers stakeholders real-time access to data, giving them immediate insight into company performance and enabling better decision-making. With features like filters, non-technical users can manipulate data and drill down deeper. End users love applying filters to surface answers to their specific questions. Now, instead of poring over Excel sheets and reviewing jobs, one by one, they can simply open Sisense for Cloud Data Teams to get the information they need.

“It’s much faster and much easier — specifically for the end user. They can just go to a dashboard and click a few filters and see exactly what they’re looking for instead of having to write code or use macros. It’s just much easier.”

As a data analyst, Josh’s workflow has also improved. Now he can quickly tackle incoming data requests, and with conditional formatting, he can write clean SQL faster than ever.

“Now when I get a request, I can set up a one-hour meeting with the stakeholder to get an idea of what they want, and then I just dive into Sisense for Cloud Data Teams and start figuring it out immediately.”

Josh Farekas
Josh Farekas, Data Analyst

For example, a colleague from the estimating department received a request to see all jobs from a specific location filtered by the insurance company involved. Multiple insurance companies might touch the same job, which added complexity. Before Sisense for Cloud Data Teams, the colleague would have to manually tab between Excel sheets to get to this information. Instead Josh was able to sit down with him, open Sisense for Cloud Data Teams, and within 15 minutes set up a dashboard that let the user adjust conditions so that the colleague could easily filter to one or two companies at a time and get the answers he needed.

In the future, Josh and the ADHI team hope to take advantage of automated alerts to send emails when certain conditions — for instance, a salesperson not logging a job in over a week or a crew creating the need for services — are met.

With Sisense for Cloud Data Teams, ADHI can quickly surface answers to its most important questions and support accurate real-time decision-making.