BigCommerce Finds a Better Way to Share Across Teams

BigCommerce is an online retail platform that works with hundreds of thousands of businesses to help increase website traffic and earn greater sales. They offer a variety of website building and design tools with features like online sales support, social media advertising, app integration, and more.


A growing business has growing analytic needs

Scaling their analytics division to support their growing business was a major pain point. They produced large volumes of data that needed to be managed and analyzed quickly to match their explosive growth. Working with Sisense for Cloud Data Teams, BigCommerce was able to find a scalable, fast analytics platform to help put performance insights into the hands of everyone across the entire organization.

“With Sisense for Cloud Data Teams, the connection is always on. You can paste in a query, hit run, and you will have a quick table ready to go. Plus, the data consumer will have a quick single sign-on so they know how to easily get in.”

Albert Lin
Albert Lin, Data Science Lead at BigCommerce

Why BigCommerce sought a better solution

BigCommerce’s previous analytics platform slowed sharing analyses between data science and business teams. They needed to run frequent ad hoc queries regularly so they could monitor which product features worked for customers and which needed improvement. According to Albert Lin, Lead Data Scientist at BigCommerce, the lost time connecting multiple databases and the financial cost of adding new users slowed sharing analyses to a crawl. “For years, we wasted too much time with our older software trying to share dashboards, connect to databases, and manage permissions. There was too much overhead to get anything done.”

After years of living in frustration the data science team finally realized they needed a better way to share insights between teams.

Saving time and sharing insights

When Albert discovered Sisense for Cloud Data Teams, he knew it was the solution BigCommerce was looking for. Sisense for Cloud Data Teams lets BigCommerce connect to and access multiple databases in one interface, accessible from any web browser. This alone removed a major barrier in their data requisition process.

“In most cases, what I can accomplish with Sisense for Cloud Data Teams in five minutes used to take me an hour with our older software.”

BigCommerce immediately benefited from Sisense for Cloud Data Teams’s sharing features. “For the business user, it’s much easier to have links you can go to and modify charts yourself with filters. It’s like having no barriers to the data you need.” says Albert. The team now shares dashboards with everyone in the company. Business users can freely access and review dashboards where visualizations live with the most up-to-date data available.

Redefining success for BigCommerce

BigCommerce’s mission is to remove barriers between online retailers and shoppers making purchases. Sisense for Cloud Data Teams helps them accomplish this mission by making sharing insights and analyses frictionless. Exactly what’s needed to build a successful customer-centric product.