Executive Summary:

Boost-inn is a leading hotel management solution that helps customers manage multi-property mid-size hotels. Connecting to the entire hotel IT ecosystem, they provide an integrated platform that now includes business analytics, to SMB’s in the hotel industry who are struggling with scattered, inconsistent data sets and lack of centralized IT. The industry has less than a 10% BI adoption, so Technology Evangelist, Bahadour Moussa, saw the opportunity to build out their platform and see wider adoption. Since Sisense was offered in their hotel services solution, Boost-inn has helped their customers increase opportunities by gaining the knowledge and ability to engage their guests. One client revamped operations based on what they learned and saw a 20% increase in foot traffic to their restaurant alone.

Opportunity: Discovering Hidden Gems

In the hotel industry, data is scattered and coming from many separate data sources that all speak different languages and harbor inconsistencies with no internal IT staff to help. Recognizing these challenges, Bahadour was looking for a BI tool that could store, clean and prepare data — even before the visualization process. Being able to analyze a hotel guests frequency of visits and activities while at the hotel, provided an opportunity to pro-actively send incentives to stay, discounts on valued items or services or suggestions to the guest of what they might find interesting or useful.

“Sisense helps our customers see the guests perspective, so they can more effectively communicate with the guest, before they book, when they book, and after they are gone” Bahadour Moussa, Evangelist

The Challenge: Islands of Data

Property management businesses tend to use Windows based hardware, they are on-site, heavy, and require a dedicated and expensive maintenance personnel team. When you have 10 systems like that holding precious data, it’s a real problem since it’s impossible to connect and collaborate the data. Bahadour was convinced they could find a way to connect those islands and provide meaningful insights to their customers and he set out to do just that.

The Search Is On

Bahadour needed a BI tool that was easy to use with an attractive and intuitive UI for their non-technical audience. Could connect to many complex data sources without requiring ETL work, could be white labeled and had a low cost of ownership. Most of the property manage systems are Oracle based and the cost of ownership is a real issue for the hotel industry.

A Google search resulted in an evaluation of five different solutions. The first thing Bahadour liked about Sisense was the UI and design. After receiving the free Sisense POC, he was able to build his first dashboards, against their own live data and see it work in a real life scenario. Boost-inn was sold at that point.

Gaining Understanding of Guest Behavior

Boost-inn has over a dozen luxury hotel clients across France (and growing), with data on more than 400 rooms per hotel. Annually there are about 50,000 reservations per hotel, with typically more than one guest per reservation. All of this information is being stored and analyzed. An example, is a dashboard used that analyzes sales data to isolate populations of guests that come to each hotel. Hotels can learn where the majority of their guests came from, where their guests are dining, and what they are dining on–even drilling down to what kind of champagne is most popular among guests. Understanding insights like, which guests visit the hotel spa, but dine at an outside restaurant, helps hotels make better offers to their guests and increase business. Some KPIs updated daily that Boost-inn measures using Sisense include:

  • Gain customer knowledge
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Drive staff productivity
  • Engineer smarter responses
  • Increase room occupancy
  • Establish brand recognition
“Sisense helps our customers see the guests perspective, so they can more effectively communicate with the guest, before they book, when they book, and after they are gone” Bahadour Moussa, Evangelist

Sisense is an optional part of the SaaS platform available from Boost-inn. The module isn’t required, but it has rapidly become a ‘must have’ for their customers.

Hero Moment

While all other hotel management systems are struggling to use and maintain legacy tools like Cognos that dominate the hospitality market, others are using proprietary systems and SEO and trying to get data from 4-5 different systems. Boost-inn has gained a significant competitive edge by implementing Sisense. Boost-inn says that once users see the data-driven decisions they are able to gain, hotels are jumping on board–especially the bigger ones.

Client hotels are now able to identify regular guests and their habits and be able to use that data to create targeted lists and develop marketing strategies around them, leading to more repeat business. Another popular use is drilling down on their Food and Beverages department and zoom in on best selling products so they can make smart purchasing decisions and optimize inventory.

One client used Sisense to identify the fastest selling item at one of their hotels was in fact coffee and not the expensive menu at the restaurant. They revamped their operation, invested in a Barista and created a whole new coffee experience that led to a 20% increase in foot traffic. Identifying and isolating revenue sources and be able to see where their traffic comes from like OTA, Direct, Walk-in, Web, phone, etc., and they can now with Sisense, this has allowed them to reduce commissions and increase profits.

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