Broadridge Achieves Data Consolidation in the Face of Hypergrowth

Eric Bernstein is president of the asset management division of Broadridge Asset Management Solutions. With around 30 acquisitions over the last 12 years, Broadridge needed systems to integrate the different technologies that each new company had in place. They needed processes to maintain the technologies, as well as to deal with upgrades and disparate data sources.

Finding the right embedded solution proved to be a challenge — both for Broadridge as a company and for its users, who each needed a way access their data through a universal container.


Broadridge customers range from front-office traders to back-office accountants. Most are “middle-office operators,” employees that take information, extract it, visualize it, and handle everything from accounts payable and receivable and keeping track of invoices to forecasting earnings. A lot of its asset managers have on-prem solutions. A priority was enabling them to keep their data on premises while pushing them towards a hosted or cloud-based solution.

To fit all these needs, Broadridge looked at the entire ecosystem of BI solutions. Sisense stood out from the crowd because it had the ability to handle structured and unstructured data. Enabling their customers to manage dynamic data models and act on them was important, because customers had historically put different kinds of data in their own containers, and had different environments and infrastructure.

Broadridge also liked the flexibility of a solution that could be hosted or on-prem. And the customer service interactions have even given his own staff a boost, Bernstein says. “It’s an exciting organization. Sisense is a very eager, very young, very enthusiastic group — and that’s actually infectious. It has a big impact on our team. It’s been an amazing relationship since we started.”