Crunchbase Gets Access to the Right Data Across the Organization

Crunchbase is the master database of the startup ecosystem, with more than 500,000 data points profiling companies, people, funds, fundings, and events. With over 31 million visitors to their website each year, Crunchbase collects and uses an incredible amount of data, and therefore needed a powerful analytics platform to aggregate all its data to ask the right questions. The Crunchbase team evaluated a number of business analytics solutions and found that Sisense for Cloud Data Teams helped them address their evolving business needs and answer the right questions.

“We track a lot of data, and what Sisense for Cloud Data Teams does is help us aggregate all of these different data inputs that we have, and gives us a very visual and accurate tool to map what our users are doing and what they care about,” said Alexandra Mack, Head of Marketing at Crunchbase.

With Sisense for Cloud Data Teams, Crunchbase was able to take its analytics to the next level by allowing them to leverage all their data — from their marketing stack to Salesforce to website impression data — and to build a comprehensive view of their business and customers.

“At Crunchbase, it’s really important that we have this single source of truth,” said Emma Lloyd, Marketing Operations Specialist at Crunchbase. “Being able to bring it all together within Sisense for Cloud Data Teams has really allowed us to understand our product better and understand our customers better.”

Saving time, and preventing mistakes

Lloyd would previously spend weeks trying to manipulate spreadsheets into spreadsheets she could actually present, leaving plenty of room for error.

“Being able to build a platform that we feel good about and know that it’s accurate, that really saves us time and peace of mind,” said Lloyd.

The other advantage that Sisense for Cloud Data Teams provides for Crunchbase’s marketing team is that its interface is easy to use, so business users can ingest and understand data and look at it on their own.

“It really allows business users to bring things to our attention, and that helps us all learn and grow. They don’t need to go ask our data analysts to pull numbers us. I can really just say, ‘Hey, I’m curious about this!'”

Data Analyst Edith Ho says Sisense for Cloud Data Teams helps her become much more efficient and effective, because she can conduct all her data analysis, visualizations, and customizations within one tool.

“Having a unified data platform, we’re able to add complexity to our analysis. And that makes people on different teams here more excited and interested in the analysis we do,” said Ho. “Without Sisense for Cloud Data Teams, it’d create a lot of chaos, because these are dashboards that multiple people check every day.”

“Sisense for Cloud Data Teams has helped us understand what is most important and when, and bringing together our different teams on the same platform helps us work better as a complete organization.”

Alexandra Mack
Alexandra Mack, Head of Marketing