LiveHire Enables Better Health Recruitment for Alfred Health

LiveHire is a talent engagement platform designed to manage recruitment, internal mobility, and outplacement services. LiveHire’s talent analytics are powered by Sisense and the combined solution is leveraged by some of the world’s biggest brands, including Vodafone, Hugo Boss, Hitachi, and ASICS.

With the recruitment of talented health workers becoming ever more challenging across Australia, even prior to the COVID-19 crisis, Alfred Health wanted to streamline its recruitment process to hire the best talent, faster. This is where LiveHire came in, to provide a better health recruitment solution that was seamless and personalized.

The challenge: Real-time candidate analytics against dynamic shifts in healthcare

Health recruitment in Australia is extremely dynamic, due to movements across industries and various checks and balances which must be undertaken, meaning recruitment can be labour-intensive and often fruitless.

Alfred Health, which has over 9,000 employees and provides a range of healthcare services in Victoria through hospital campuses, a large network of community programs, and 14 statewide services, approached LiveHire to help it attract and retain the best talent, while seamlessly integrating into SAP SuccessFactors.

To provide the best health services, Alfred Health needed to recruit the best people through proactive sourcing techniques.

The solution: An AI-enabled talent acquisition and engagement platform

LiveHire, powered by Sisense, is an AI-enabled talent acquisition and engagement platform built to solve key efficiency challenges for Australian HR managers and recruiters, by creating a Talent Community which can be managed from one place.

“Healthcare organisations today, more than ever before, need to be able to source, engage, hire, and analyse well-matched talent into the organisation at speed with a next-generation applicant tracking system,”

Antonluigi Gozzi, LiveHire Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder Antonluigi Gozzi

The integration between LiveHire and SAP SuccessFactors facilitates bi-directional, real-time data sharing between the two systems, allowing Alfred Health to create a single source of truth.

Using the same system, applicants are then onboarded to ensure a smooth transition and an authentic and personalised experience.

To facilitate this dynamic process, LiveHire uses Sisense, the top BI and analytics provider in the region, to provide live, on-platform business intelligence and analytics. Sisense’s platform is known for its security, flexibility, and support, which is crucial when working in the health space.

“We power our platform with Sisense because we trust it can deliver the robust, scalable, and responsive data analytics insights we need to help give our customers the best actionable insights from their data to help solve their complex recruitment challenges,” Gozzi said.

The result: A scalable solution driving proactive recruitment processes in healthcare

LiveHire’s healthcare clients have commented that the analytics solution, powered by Sisense, now allows them to have a live representation of their hiring and talent community.

“We are able to provide accurate statistics on our recruitment activity to management and directors without sifting through large excel sheets or searching frantically through databases,” said one LiveHire client. “We are now also able to get better candidates through the door, faster.”

LiveHire has allowed Alfred Health to attract and hire the best talent, while creating a more meaningful connection with new employees.

“In the past, the recruitment process has been reactive and sourcing top talent in healthcare has become more challenging,” Alfred Health Manager HR Services Sally Garner said. “LiveHire has helped create a more authentic connection with potential new employees. Our Alfred Health careers page is the most effective source for new applications which significantly reduces our advertising spend.”

Maryanne Decleva, Alfred Health’s HRIS Support Officer, said Alfred Health can now easily access all applicants in one place before advertising, and can pre-scan before interviewing, making the process more streamlined and efficient.

“We’re able to collect all our applicants into one place, so it means we’re able to communicate to applicants and look at CVs prior to going out into advertising,” Maryanne said.

The two-way integration between LiveHire and SuccessFactors also allows data to flow easily between the systems. All candidates are moved through the SuccessFactors platform for onboarding, leading to a streamlined process between recruitment and HR. All data is updated and replicated in both systems, improving the quality of hire and to better manage relationships.

The process keeps potential candidates in the loop about vacancies and progress with email and messaging. Recently, Alfred Health was able to recruit and onboard a crucial new hire in little more than 12 hours in a non-clinical support role. This, in turn, supported the clinical team in best patient care.

“Overall, thanks to LiveHire, powered by Sisense, many of our healthcare clients have been able to reduce time and cost in their recruitment processes, providing a truly engaging and positive experience for candidates, creating a talent community of interested candidates from which to draw, and managing the candidate journey all in one place,” Gozzi said.