Manufacturing Company Gets Quick ROI with Sisense All-In-One Software

Easy data preparation, automatic reporting and stunning visualizations with Sisense give manufacturing company* in the adult entertainment industry the one-stop-shop BI solution they always fantasized about.


  • Challenge: A leading manufacturing company in the adult entertainment industry was looking for a way to quickly generate reports and establish a single source of truth from many large and disparate data sets.
  • Solution: The company chose Sisense because Sisense offers an all-in-one business intelligence solution to easily extract data, aggregate multiple data sets with no coding, and provides flexible dashboarding with automatic reports. The real clincher for: Sisense’s beautiful, modern data visualizations and user interface.
  • Results: Now, the company has over one hundred dashboards that provide incredible visibility into the business. Sisense’s automatic reports and easy ETL without development has significantly increased ROI.

Company Profile:

Industry: Manufacturing and e-commerce
Location: Headquarters in Texas, USA
Employees: 70
Revenue: 30 million a year / $80-100,000 a day in retail

*Note: Due to the highly sensitive nature of the adult entertainment industry, this manufacturing company opted to remain anonymous in this case study.

Challenge: IT Bottlenecks and Shots in the Dark

  • Data size: MySQL database with 2.5 million rows and other various data sources
  • Data sources: SQL databases, Google Analytics, Excel

When the head data analyst wanted custom data in a report, he would have to write a query in the database, paste it into a spreadsheet, handle inner joins if combining it with other data, and wait on the development team since reports were delivered in PHP–a process that did not allow for agile and quick reporting, and was highly reliant on technical assistance.

The primary source of data is MySQL, which holds customer, inventory, and warehouse data from 8 different websites across 4 regions and includes almost 3 million rows of data. Other data sources include Google Analytics to help head data analyst analyze conversion data, such as conversion by country, device category, user types, and other various data mashups.

But the head data analyst wanted more; he needed to blend Google Analytics with transaction data in order to calculate only valid transactions. Since Google Analytics did not take into account declined transactions, the head data analyst was getting inaccurate numbers. There were also other various data sources, such as Excel spreadsheets, that took developer resources in order to create. “We would need developer resources in order to get one report with a few visualizations. It took days or even weeks,” the head data analyst explained.

Contenders: Sisense vs. QlikView

The company evaluated QlikView, Tableau, Birst, GoodData, and Jaspersoft. After eliminating most based on limited functionality, such as Tableau that limited the company with how they could accurately connect data, the company was down to Qlik and Sisense. The company chose Sienese for several reasons:

  • Look and feel of Sisense visualizations, more modern and beautiful
  • Sisense offers an end-to-end solution with no third-party investment
  • The ability and ease of combining multiple data sources and managing data
  • Competitive pricing model based

Ultimately, Sisense’s look and feel and the overall end-to-end solution was more favorable, “when I presented Qlik and Sisense to upper management, and the clincher was the user interface, they really liked the look and feel of it” the head data analyst said.

“Sisense is a one-stop-shop BI software, whereas with Qlikview, we had to hire a third-party to import Google Analytics data and then they had to engage rackspace for hosting because we wanted a cloud solution–it just was too much additional resources”

the head data analyst explained.

Results: Reports in Hours, Instead of Days

Previously when extracting data or creating a database with joining tables, head data analyst and his team had to worry about inner joins and time consuming data preparation. “Now I just connect directly with Sisense to validate my data structure. I don’t need to worry about SQL conditions, such as grouping, and I can just link it all together without any custom scripting” the head data analyst explained.

“With Sisense it is all preconfigured–I just drag-and-drop my data sources”

“I use Sisense as a data extractions tool: rather than having to spend half an hour running a query, I can extract data in 2 minutes.”

the company’s head data analyst said.

The fact that the head data analyst and others do not need to go through development or IT to get that monthly report is saving the company a lot of time and resources. Now, the company has numerous automatic reports sent on a monthly basis.“

“Our report creation has gone from 2 days to a couple of hours.”

the head data analyst reported.

Closing: Proven ROI

The company has increased their ROI tremendously, and gained a deeper understanding of their product, customer base and overall business approach. “To do the amount of reporting I have done with Sisense proves an incredible ROI– the cost of development time to generate reports greatly exceeds the cost of Sisense.”

Besides more efficient reporting, the head data analyst now feels like he can do his job better by exploring data and reaching new insights about customer segmentation and online marketing: “Prior to Sisense, we had no idea what an email campaign would generate for us, but now we can easily extract that. With Sisense, I can start developing customer segmentation and targeted marketing –all because I can extract data easily and track performance without having to actually write queries.”

With over 100 dashboards up and running, a dozen active users, and five big plasma screens displaying Sisense dashboards, it seems every department is now using Sisense to gain insights from their data.

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