NASDAQ Gives Their Customers a New Way of Interacting with Data

James Tickner, who works in product development at NASDAQ, provides a range of online intelligent products to listed companies around the world.

We’re using Sisense for embedded interactive reporting within our IR Insight flagship product. What we love about it is that it offers our customers a way to dissect and manipulate the data in a way that really they haven’t encountered before and doesn’t exist in our industry.

Obviously, in financial services, security is paramount. As NASDAQ, we obviously operate an exchange, so we have incredibly high information security standards and glad that we’ve been able to find a solution leveraging the Sisense product to meet those.

The biggest win is really allowing our clients to have a new way of interacting with data that they’re very familiar with making sense. Our customers rely on a range of content, including information that they licensed from others and information that they input themselves and being able to layer those together and really attain a new level of value from content, as I said, that they’ve been looking at for years and in another context.

The reaction so far has been positive. We are in the early stages of rolling out to our customers. But I think a lot of them really understand that we’re interpreting their information for them in a way that is very palatable, very manageable, for them to understand themselves, but also to communicate across the organization.

The only other thing I would say is it’s been a pleasure and highly collaborative process working with the Sisense team, and a very successful one. We’ve learned a lot over the past few months getting to this first implementation, and we look forward to what the future holds.

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