Internet Gaming Company Netbet Drops Report Execution From Days to Minutes

Executive Summary

NetBet provides the fast-paced and competitive gaming industry with a full spectrum of digital marketing services, from web design to content writing. With headquarters in London and offices around the world, NetBet employs hundreds of ambitious design, marketing, and technical professionals working to win over the gaming market by offering insights into marketing efforts for online games such as casinos, gambling, and poker. With all of their disparate data sources, reporting was extremely difficult and time-consuming. Even once reports were done, they didn’t provide any real-time insight. Ewa Jakubowska, Data Analyst, was tasked with finding a solution. After finding Sisense, she now has more accurate reports that run in just minutes instead of days.

The Opportunity: Measuring Marketing

With new and elaborate ventures, such as the recent MegaPokerSeries that spanned various cities across Europe and combined online and live events, NetBet needed a way to measure every aspect of their marketing efforts for their entire customer base. Being able to measure customer retention, usage, and ROI behind every game was their ultimate goal, but big, disparate data sources posed a challenge. Ewa saw the opportunity to take their reporting and analysis to the next level.

The Challenge: Making Decisions in The Dark

With large amounts of data coming from many data sources across the company, NetBet did not have a quick and easy way to build reports that met the diverse requirements of different departments. For example, NetBet’s QA and website development regularly need a real-time report to carefully regulate the activity of registrations and ensure there are no technical issues with website performance. Yet, with no BI software in place, that report took days to build and when they received the results, they had already lost precious time with outdated data.

Not only did report building take too long, but it was difficult to segment the data according to demographic and get a precise number for KPI’s. Ewa felt they were in the dark when making critical decisions.

The Search is on

After a recommendation from another NetBet employee to use Sisense, Ewa evaluated Sisense and was quickly impressed. Sisense easily segmented their data by market, per region, and defined NetBet’s long list of KPIs. Ewa saw results instantly.

For example, Sisense helped NetBet significantly improve the quality and quantity of their sports terminals as well as expand production to Belgium and new European markets.

Increase in Customer Retention

NetBet now has a Sisense dashboard for every one of their games and is able to instantaneously visualize the demographics of its users and the success of its marketing campaigns. Having an easy way to visualize the success of games per site per location lets NetBet put a number on how much money a specific game generates.

NetBet has already seen an increase in their customer retention, especially since Sisense allows them to drill down into the details of any user. Using Sisense, Ewa created a customer retention program that identifies VIP users, those who have high deposits on previous days, and can provide those customers with special treatment.

Besides directly increasing customer retention and ROI, Sisense has helped NetBet identify suspicious behavior to prevent fraud on their website, as well as use insights to compare games and improve overall performance.

Having a way to understand which game is making money and where to invest in this tough, high-speed business is invaluable.

Hero Moment

Upper management is thrilled with Ewa’s work in implementing Sisense. They now know which games are profitable and it is helping them make strategic decisions like which games are worth branding. Being able to go from outdated reports to real-time insights is a huge competitive advantage for them. It’s no secret that creating a winning game is often about trial and error, as users easily tire of games and constantly need new ones. Having a way to understand which game is making money and where to invest in this tough, high-speed business is invaluable. Customers of NetBet also love the added analytics they get from Sisense’s embedded customer-facing dashboards. They can easily filter by name of game, customer and location, which gives them visibility that they never had before. The impact of Sisense on the bottom line is obvious for NetBet.