Translation Services Company OHT Drives Decisions With Data Goldmine

Executive Summary

One Hour Translation (OHT) is a leading professional translation service provider, serving thousands of business customers across the globe. OHT provides professional translation, proofreading, and transcription services in 75 languages and 3,000 language pairs, thanks to a community of over 15,000 certified translators from more than 100 countries. Reporting was manual and piecemeal, with inaccuracies and many needs left unmet. OHT President Lior Libman was looking for a way to easily track and analyze key business metrics, such as revenue channels and customer segments, and to generate detailed operational performance reports. After installing Sisense, Lior can now monitor all areas of his business in real-time and quickly take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

The Challenge: Ad-Hoc Reporting and Resource Draining

The operational data at OHT consists of over 20-million records in a 100GB MySQL database. Lior knew that they were collecting all the information he needed to get insights, but he simply couldn’t get to it. Transaction data was coming in pretty fast and, in order to continue to be an industry leader, he needed a way to get a 360 degree view of his business as fast as possible.

Lior had various ad-hoc and separate solutions running to try and achieve the reporting and analytics the company needed, including manual analysis and home-grown software. He would often rely on someone from R&D to extract reports or would end up manually doing reporting in Excel, which would take weeks. These efforts were taking significant resources, both human and computer, to try and get the reports that were needed. Many of their analytics requirements were not being met at all, which was leading to a lot of frustration within the company.

The Search is on

Lior initially explored the possibility of expanding development of their in-house analytics software development but deemed it too expensive and time-consuming to make it worth the effort to create and maintain. He then went on to evaluate BI solutions from several leading BI software vendors before finding Sisense. During an early web demo, Lior was able to implement Sisense running on top of the live OHT data running on a standard desktop PC. Seeing this made purchasing Sisense a quick decision for Lior and he sent his team for training. The result was a live, fully-functional BI solution in three weeks from the initial demo.

Easy Implementation for a 360 Degree View

It took just three hours of planning and ten hours of implementation to be up and running with all the initial reports that Lior required. OHT uses Sisense in three major areas across their company. Their first basic use of Sisense was a high level management dashboard that allows them to look at overall sales, number of projects, number of customers, and number of repeating customers. From there they built dashboards for their sales managers, which allows them to see everything regarding their salespeople and customers. They can look at their team as a whole or select a specific salesperson and their associated customers in order to see top customers, which customers need a little more attention, and which customers should be taken out of the sales process because their potential is not high enough. Finally, they created a dashboard for their translation team, which allows monitoring of project quality according to 30 different parameters and can alert them when a translator’s quality drops below a certain point.

The in-house team was able to easily create, maintain, and modify their Sisense reports and analytic applications without the need for expensive consulting and support services, thereby keeping all that knowledge in-house and keeping turnaround fast. Lior was amazed at the agility of the Sisense software to answer current and future questions in a very simple and efficient way. He was able to continue to do rapid analysis on their large databases using inexpensive hardware, just as in the demo. Not having surprise expenses after implementation was definitely a welcome outcome.

Everything can be done on the system by our engineer but it would take weeks or months rather than days with Sisense.

Hero Moment

Lior now has his management team enjoying the benefits of a comprehensive dashboard which presents live transaction and project data, as well as drill-down views into a specific customer, transaction, and translation project data. OHT has been transformed into a company that makes all of their decisions, from basic internal recruiting to customer retention, backed up by data. They have been able to use their dashboards to focus their efforts on geographic areas that are profitable rather than those that are just making “noise” by drilling down into their metrics and looking at the numbers. This has made for a very nimble team, whether it is taking advantage of new business opportunities as they arise or preventing small problems from becoming big ones, the addition of Sisense has given them a level of visibility that was previously not possible and is virtually unmatched in their market.


Consumers make a lot of noise so we use Sisense to see where the money and where the actual work is. Even though you always have a feeling, it helps to back it up with numbers.