OpenAgent Reduces Time to Insight From Weeks to Hours

Exective Summary

OpenAgent, a rapidly growing Australian company in the real estate market, brings better insight and an independent voice to property transactions by helping people sell smarter, better, and faster every day. Business Analytics Lead, Paul Nguyen, was struggling with a way to get timely, actionable, and granular insight into the effectiveness of their marketing channels, campaigns, and agents they worked with. When he started at OpenAgent, Paul would spend hours entering data manually into Excel every Friday. However, results were not satisfactory and his 80MB spreadsheet was nearly impossible to work with. Paul had to convince management they weren’t too small for a proper BI tool and sold them on Sisense. Now their reports show insight down to the hour instead of on a weekly basis.

The Challenge: Manual Reporting With Little Granularity

For a company like OpenAgent, understanding the full impact of their marketing efforts, sales performance, and product effectiveness is invaluable in order to drive the company forward. OpenAgent was already using marketing tools such as Google Analytics, Adwords, Outbrain, and SEO tactics to collect and measure data, but still lacked a way to understand the effectiveness of these channels in real time.

To create reports, Paul was manually combining multiple disparate data sources together using Excel. Even with all of the time-consuming manual data entry, Paul still wasn’t able to see any granular data. For example, he couldn’t drill into the day of the week and had trouble creating any data mappings. He had no way of seeing how each channel was performing week over week, or even distinguish weekdays from weekends. Heaps of pivot tables and a lot of brute force could tweak out a bit more insight, but he knew there had to be a better way to evaluate their marketing cost effectiveness.

The Search is on

Paul needed a tool that could connect to as many external marketing sources as possible. He wanted to be able to see ROI fast and needed the cost of the system to be reasonable.

In order to conduct his search, Paul created a big requirements traceability matrix and went through intensive research on almost all of the BI tools he could find. After trialing most of the tools on his list, and even getting into the sales process with a few, Sisense was the only one that ticked all his boxes. The price plus the AdWords integration was the final clincher.

“I proved the ROI just by showing market effectiveness during the trial period with Sisense. By that point, management was sold.”

Measuring Effectiveness Accurately

OpenAgent has five sales stages and knowing what is happening at each stage is very important. However, their CRM system wasn’t providing the visibility they needed. On top of this, at OpenAgent, the policy is that marketing and sales can’t invest a dollar unless they can measure the direct effectiveness of that money spent. “We don’t run a campaign with a budget without knowing how many leads come from it. With Sisense, every single lead is attributed, every single dollar is accounted for,” Paul said.

“With Sisense, every single lead is attributed, every single dollar is accounted for.”

For example, OpenAgent has even found a way to solve the age old marketing challenge of attribution metrics from their offline activities, such as television advertisements, using Sisense. Sisense allows OpenAgent to narrow down on the lead attributions by mapping how many leads were attributed to each TV program by channel and by station through a predefined 15-minute window. All these data tables are also stored in Sisense.

Hero Moment

OpenAgent is also using Sisense for predictive analytics and forecasting. Paul says he can accurately predict how many leads are going to arrive based on every metric, such as marketing budget in AdWords.

“What do I do with Sisense? In one word: Everything.”

Paul estimates, just taking into account the time he was spending generating reports, that Sisense has increased his productivity by at least 20% over the course of one year. On top of that, he says he has gained increased effectiveness by having accurate and up to date data at his fingertips. In addition to the ROI, the opportunity to see data and forecast metrics has transformed OpenAgent as a business. OpenAgent describes Sisense’s overall impact as going from weekly data snapshots to daily real-time data insights.

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