Transportation Management Company Boosts Sales Offering With On-The-Spot Dashboards

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40 million+
records per year

disperate data sources

300 million
transactions per year

Executive Summary

Logistyx Technologies International is a transportation management software company delivering multi-carrier shipping solutions for corporate clients throughout the world. Logistyx Technologies helps large international shipping companies manage the transportation of products through local partners with maximum automation, transparency and organization. Logistyx Technologies handles over 60 million packages a year through their software, creating over 300 million transactions per year, which means they are processing tens of millions of data records every year. While the quality of the data was very good and useful to facilitate that movement, there was no ability to glean insights from it, which is where Sam Nicholls, Service Delivery Manager, came in. After Sam got Sisense deployed, Logistyx Technologies was able to do granular performance evaluations of carrier partners around the world, in real-time.

I have never had a lesson in Sisense and yet I was able to teach myself everything in a week. Sisense is an excellent execution of complexity.

The Opportunity: Holistic Views for Data-Driven Decisions

Logistyx Technologies has been very successful over the years at improving their customers’ shipping execution. They have integration Technologies that can enable transportation managers to see if an order has shipped, what’s happening with it, and if there are any issues
that need to be attended to. This extremely tactical system has worked great for employees on the warehouse floor. However, they were facing challenges with visibility surrounding day-to-day performance. Senior management was unable to look at the data in a holistic and analytical way in order to drill down and make data-driven business decisions. Sam came onboard in order to help senior management realize those metrics.

The Challenge: Black Hole of Scattered Data

Sam receives client data in a large variety of formats including SAP, Oracle, Excel, and homegrown ERP systems on a mainframe. He gets information regarding orders, line items, and quantities of product to the tune of over 40 million records a year. On top of this, he also interfaces with warehouse management systems in order to process and track packages. Logistyx Technologies is pulling in data from enterprise management software and warehouse management systems and sending information to transportation providers and customs clearance officials. Because the transportation analytics information flow is bidirectional, Logistyx Technologies serves to fill the black hole between sellers and thousands of shippers, all of whom work in a different way.

The Search is on

Logistyx Technologies’ CEO began looking for a BI solution and decided on Sisense prior to Sam’s arrival to the company. He needed a solution that could be white labeled in order to launch it as a product offering to their clients, was easy to use, and would cover all of their bases for the vast amount of complex data they needed to gain insights from.

Because Sisense was brought on prior to an internal resource, Logistyx Technologies’ CEO also knew that he needed a BI solution that could be set up quickly by someone with little to no training. When Sam was brought on he was able to do just that. With no training or experience with Sisense, Sam was able to set up his first usable dashboard in just one week.

Integration at the Click of a Button

Using Sisense’s embedded analytics as a powerful backend, Logistyx Technologies provides shipping companies with useful and intuitive analytics and visualizations. Logistyx Technologies’ iX10 software uses Sisense to collect and store customer data from hundreds of disparate data sources. Data is interpreted into standardized items usingLogistyx Technologies iX10 software and then processed by Sisense. Ultimately, customers are left with clear visualizations and insight into crucial business questions.

In addition to visualization, the easy integration with Sisense allows Logistyx Technologies to offer their customers a way to interact with the data – to drill down, filter, and uncover insights in hours, rather than waiting weeks or months for IT to clean up data so it can be analyzed. Sisense enables integration at a “click of a button,” so Logistyx Technologies can easily add new data and new customers in minutes.

Customers are pleasantly surprised when Logistyx Technologies sends an automatic email with a report to their inbox every morning – before board meetings. Additionally, Logistyx Technologies customers report that their own salespeople are equipped with information that makes them better prepared to conduct intelligent and educated sales calls – which has directly increased deals.

I’m now gaining insight immediately. That would have taken a couple of headaches and a serious amount of Excel before.

Hero Moment

Sam worked with Logistyx Technologies’ sales department in order to create a unique presentation to help increase sales and re-signs. “We have energized our current customer base with upselling possibilities,” Sam said. “Everyone wants to see a dashboard on how local partners are performing, and we can deliver an example dashboard using client data in hours.” He has found that a lot of their customers don’t even realize how badly they need the iX10 software powered by Sisense until they see it, which has been key in signing some large international companies. Sam has found a way to present the Logistyx Technologies data in such a way that customers can now easily understand what is happening. Now that they have a solution, they don’t know how they ever lived without it.