Global Ticketing Technology Company Platinium Group Cuts Report Time From Weeks to Minutes

Executive Summary

Platinium Group is a global ticketing technology company specializing in ticketing technology, ticketing brokerage, and luxury travel. Their tickets are sold across 47 countries for some of the most premier events around the globe, such as Formula 1 Grand Prix races. Platinium group’s departments including Event and Account Management, Marketing, Logistics, Accounting, and Hospitality were all spending weeks creating reports for internal usage and to share with clients.

This is where Alexandre Biton, BI Analyst and Developer, came in. As part of the IT Team, he was tasked with finding a BI solution that would cut down on time spent generating reports and create a single source of truth across the company. Now, with Sisense, reports that once took two weeks to complete take mere minutes to reveal actionable insights.

The Challenge: Getting on The Same Page

Creating reports for internal use and to share with clients was a struggle for Platinium group. According to Alexandre, simple reports could often take two weeks to complete because it took one week to clean the data in Excel and another putting the data into reports that were easily understandable by clients. On top of this, multiple departments across the company often had to get involved in creating reports because data was siloed. This also caused data consistency issues, with different people in different departments using different terminology for the same data point or KPI.

The Search is on

Having previous experience with BI software, Alexandre knew some issues he wanted to avoid this time around. In his previous experience, he had issues with server performance and had to spend more money to ensure servers ran in a timely fashion so end users had a smooth experience. He also found with other tools that he was limited in customizable scripting he could perform. Taking those issues into account, Alexandre narrowed down his initial search to four tools.

After the first round of testing different BI tools, Platinium group shortlisted a different BI software but Alexandre wasn’t convinced it was the right choice. He was mostly concerned about the development and editor support. That’s when he found Sisense.

In just two days Alexandre was able to convince the Chief Operations Officer that Sisense was the right direction. On top of the ability to allow R coding and the simple Elasticube development process, Alexandre found it easy to convince the COO because of the professional services that were available without having to pay extra, which many competing BI tools charge for.

Cross-Company Robust Reporting

Platinium group had a lot of reports they wanted to run so Alexandre had his work cut out for him. For one, they wanted to dig into the data they had surrounding extra fees on tickets. It was important to be able to see patterns relating to those people who pay for ticket insurance in case an event gets canceled. This allows them to see who is likely to pay the extra fee and what kind of events generate the most purchases of insurance to target their customers better.

Alexandre also put together reports for the broker vertical of the business that allowed them to see volumes of tickets they are buying versus selling, allowing an overview of gross margin with the ability to drill down to see even deeper insights. Finally, he created a dashboard with a live connector that allowed relevant internal stakeholders to see seat availability for events in a near to real-time basis.

While all of these dashboards and reports are great, Alexandre says the best part is that he was able to do it all on his own and the results have been fantastic. Reports that used to take two weeks now take a couple of minutes, which allows time to focus on other important projects to move the company forward.

The ElastiCube development in Sisense was so easy to just match two tables and see results out of it. On top of that, it was really, really fast.

Hero Moment

In order to make sure that his internal users were getting the most out of Sisense, Alexandre initiated a multi-part training and adoption workshop. Before designing any dashboards he sat with all of the stakeholders and got exact requirements for KPIs and metrics they wanted to track. This, he said, helped to ensure adoption was high.

But he didn’t stop there. He then did a training session for internal users which he modeled after a game show in order to engage those in the session and make sure they felt comfortable using Sisense for themselves. In his training session he gave a refresher on how to use Sisense, a dashboard designing session, as well as a section that looked at how processes were previously done and comparing them to how they can be done now, more easily, within their dashboards. After the training, he saw a huge uptake in use and even had people reaching out to him with requests for new reports.


Thanks to Sisense, Alexandre has become a real hero around the office by saving Platinium group time, resources, and unveiling previously undiscovered insights.

I was doing in a couple minutes what I used to do in one or two weeks.