Supporting an A-list Client Base with Social Media Analysis

Sisense helps Preen.Me to generate double-digit ROI from its social media data analysis.

Executive Summary:

Preen.Me, a leading social media beauty platform since 2012 was looking to leverage their large amount of social data. With large data sets that simply ‘broke their Excel spreadsheets,’ it was difficult to extract the most value from their 63+ million social media posts and their Excel spreadsheets with millions of rows of data. After implementing Sisense, Preen.Me has achieved complete transparency into their social media data. Now they are able to map out their business strategy, conduct key business negotiations and support A-list beauty clients, impressing them with valuable insights on competitors.

“We credit much of our two-digit ROI-positive data analysis success to Sisense. Now, we can better uncover crucial, business-generating insights from our data. Clients are fascinated by our analysis, and we are able to turn data transparency into highly profitable business opportunities.”

Haggai Klorman COO and Co-Founder of Preen.Me

“One of the reasons we are able to compete with the major players in digital media is because we ask the hard questions. And we use Sisense to help us deliver the answers.”

Haggai Klorman COO and Co-Founder of Preen.Me

“In a conversation with a potential client, the client was fascinated by data that they had never been able to see before both in terms of scope and depth. Sisense helped us solidify the business relationship by helping us bring insight to raw data.”

Haggai Klorman COO and Co-Founder of Preen.Me

Company Overview:

Organization: Preen.Me

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel & New York, New York


Industry:Social Media Beauty Platform


Preen.Me is the world’s leading beauty, lifestyle & fashion social media platform and agency. Works with thousands of micro-influencers at once to create a tipping point, instantly and powerfully flooding social with high quality branded content + conversation. Clients include the biggest brands in beauty such as Sephora, LVMH, OPI, Estee Lauder, Avon and John Frieda.

Data Sources and Scope

Preen.Me analyzes mass amounts of social media data generated through their own social media channels and via managed campaigns. At the end of 2015, they analyzed over 63 million beauty-related social media posts from various social media sources. This data was gathered in Excel spreadsheets which could range from anywhere between one and tens of millions of rows of data. As the data grew, Excel would frequently break down and render any analysis impossible.


  • Huge quantities of scattered data, with the company quickly outgrowing Excel
  • Lean organisation, with limited time and technical resources for date ETL
  • Urgent need to quickly and comprehensively analyze large amounts of data
  • Needed an intuitive solution to visualise data and make intelligent insights from millions of social media posts

Business Needs:


  • An end-to-end solution for data preparation, analysis and visualization
  • The ability to understand their social data in order to reach internal insights, develop content and attract potential clients
  • Needed a proof of concept using actual company data, prior to purchase
  • Self-service for users in a company with limited technical resources


After implementing Sisense, Preen.Me was able to easily analyze 63+ million social media posts and numerous Excel spreadsheets with millions of rows of data, without any of the performance issues they had previously experienced. This enables them to transform raw, meaningless data into profitable and actionable business insights. Now, Preen.Me possesses a powerful BI tool which leads internal strategy and proves indispensable for gathering intel on beauty brands, content ideas and industry trends.

Preen.Me creates highly visual social media analysis, drawing insights on parameters like brand popularity, brand sentiment, influence of a brand’s everyday users, other brands, micro-influencers, and super-influencers. Including location-analysis of a brand’s social media conversations. Preen.Me also measures the success of campaigns and reactions to a campaign, such as likes, shares, and conversations generated for every brand social media follower.

With their social media information now perfectly explained, they are able to map strategy, make key business negotiations and secure new clients, impressing them with insights on competitors, and giving them a successful leg up over their competition. Preen.Me accredits much of their two-digit ROI-positive success to Sisense. Now they are ability to derive crucial, business-generating insights from a place of complete data transparency, which in turn is leveraged into business opportunities.

“There’s a brand that launched in the last 2 years with very specific marketing efforts…. Using raw social media data, we were able to track their business expansion throughout the US. You could literally see the way that the correlations between the stories that business users were telling about their brand and their business expansion. The client was fascinated by data that they had never been able to see before. Sisense helped make this deep analysis possible.”

linkedin share statistics uses Sisense to tell unique brand stories and create thought leadership pieces in the field of beauty and fashion-based social media analysis.

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sephora vs ulta data visualization

Through its data analysis, has come to understand the geographical distribution of posts which a retailer is tagged in, per year.

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