Consulting Firm TE4B Embeds Sisense and Sees Happy Customers and Exponential Growth

Executive Summary

TE4B Advisory Private Limited is a leading global business services company, providing a range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, and operations management. After being approached by one of their customers - a large travel network - to create operational reporting, Vedante Srihari, Founder/Managing Director, had a vision to come up with a unique solution for the travel industry. Muthu Subramaniam, Head of BI, architected this vision into a reality with Sisense, which helped to align Management Consultant, Anshu Nagar’s, go-to-market strategy.

After implementing Sisense, TE4B saw their sales conversion rate skyrocket - opening new products and services - and made their customers happier than ever.

The Challenge: Too Many Tools

For the project with their travel network customer, TE4B needed to extract data from their customer’s sources, consume Excel sheets from various other agencies, mashup all of the data, and deliver easy to understand dashboards. They were using another analytics tool but realized in order to streamline the process they needed a tool that could do more then just generate visualizations.

So began Anshu and Muthu’s search for a full-stack, embeddable analytics tool.

The Search Is On

TE4B was looking for a tool that allowed white labeling and embedding directly into their own application. On top of that, the tool needed to be user-friendly and easy for anyone, no matter their technical abilities, to understand.

In their search, Anshu and Muthu found that other vendors could provide the visualizations they needed but completely fell apart when it came to integration. Even more than that, other vendors required TE4B to rely on another tool for ETL, which meant they would need to manage two different vendors instead of one – something they did not want to do.

Ultimately, Sisense was able to check every item off their list. Plus, time to implementation was quick, which meant they could give their customers the analytics they wanted sooner, rather than later.

Improved Bottom Line

Using Sisense, TE4B created more than just operational reporting for their travel customer – they created a brand new travel platform, TravelPIE. TravelPIE gives an enterprise-level view of transactional data for travel agents and others, which is used to manage decision making in real-time.

Now, TE4B’s customer has a real-time view of the booking to fulfillment pipeline, which enables faster and more accurate business decisions; agents are able to track their KPIs, commissions, and more without waiting for reports to be created manually; and executives can manage annual budgeting, planning, negotiation, and tracking.

The tool is a sure hit with our top 10 customers, they want the solution and this tool is the ‘X-factor’ for new sales engagements. This depicts clear transparency for all clients.

Vedante Srihari, Founder/Managing Director

Vedante Srihari

Hero Moment

Anshu says that since implementing Sisense, TE4B’s conversion rate has gone up exponentially. It has even allowed them to expand contracts with customers and enter verticals they were not yet providing analytics for.

For example, TE4B was partnering with a large university in Singapore for a different project when they got the idea to provide a full analytics solution to streamline the University’s operations. When they presented the idea and wireframes using Sisense, the University realized the potential for savings in every part of their operations and signed on. Now, TE4B is working with the University to embed Sisense in applications for their students, as well as with internal processes in everything from energy conservation to cost saving.

One thing that stands out in Sisense is the white-labeling capabilites. That has really helped us go beyond using the typical UI of other vendors.