Marketing Agency TLC Sees 25% Improvement in Productivity With Sisense

Executive Summary

The Lukens Company (TLC) is a full-service marketing agency specializing in direct response marketing, fundraising, membership, and donor development. They were using a reporting system that required manual manipulation of data, which was then processed in Excel and Word and distributed on a monthly basis via email. Their source reporting data had become so large that it was becoming impossible to produce meaningful results in a timely fashion. As the Director of Analytics for TLC, Erik Pfalzer was tasked with finding a good solution. After implementing Sisense, TLC saw a 25% increase in overall company productivity.

The Opportunity

For three decades, TLC has provided expert marketing counsel and multichannel direct response program management. Its client base has grown to include national nonprofit organizations, museums, aquariums, and zoos, as well as political party committees, political candidates, and Fortune 100 companies. TLC’s work has a wide range including direct marketing campaigns for creating and managing public awareness and brand identity, and omnichannel marketing campaigns. The information gathered from these services resulted in about 30 million records, holding many insights that TLC has not been able to illuminate in an accurate and timely fashion.

The Challenge: Labor-Intensive, Complex Reports

TLC’s approach to organizing high-quality data for analysis and distribution across the company and to clients was both labor-intensive and extremely time-consuming. Client data wasn’t being retained in any real meaningful fashion with data analysis and reporting was mostly done manually and managed in extremely complex Excel spreadsheets. On top of this, report delivery was done on a monthly basis by email and the sheer size of the spreadsheets was becoming problematic. Their data was triple the size of what any cloud-based system could handle and the need for superior reporting and analysis in a timely fashion to maximize fundraising was imperative.

The Search is on

After testing software from a number of leading BI vendors, Erik chose Sisense. With easy-to-build dashboards that allowed for customized reporting, fast data handling, and manipulation, Sisense was the most flexible and cost-effective solution Erik researched.

Erik was able to implement Sisense without any outside help or having to make any new expensive hardware purchases. With Sisense, he was able to link large amounts of data from the various sources being used, such as MySQL, Salesforce, Google Analytics and Google Adwords. On the server side, Elasticube, Sisense’s data cube, builds and dashboards allow TLC to get near real-time results to queries. The main cube is built out of over 200 million records in MariaDB and only takes a couple hours to generate. All the campaign reporting is built into the system, which allows both the internal users and external clients to be able to access and analyze the various metrics at any time.

Streamlined and Uniform Reporting

For Erik, the biggest benefit of having Sisense is that TLC quickly achieved a streamlined and uniform reporting and analytics platform. TLC account teams and clients now have fast and easy access to campaign metrics via custom reports with comprehensive dashboards presenting campaign summary data as well as drill-down views into specific segments. Sisense allows teams to analyze and interpret campaign results quickly rather than spending valuable time building reports. This enables TLC to respond rapidly to the fast-paced world their clients live in.

Hero Moment

With Sisense, Erik is now seeing a 25% improvement in productivity and, more importantly, TLC is able to offer products and services that they were not able to before. This has allowed them to more easily and rapidly expand their business without the added expense. Erik now has more frequent reporting, which is providing rapid and actionable analysis. TLC can now do client benchmarking and easily see where improvements can be made. Their clients, on the other hand, now have online access to do ad-hoc queries of their own. Both TLC and their clients are thrilled with the results.