Service: Pet Medical Insurance
Headquarters: Seattle, Washington, USA
Company Size: 300+

Trupanion finds reliable, transparent & easy-to-use BI platform in Sisense.


  • Ability to track real-time performance of multiple departments
  • Customer segmentation to optimize marketing opportunities, accurate pricing, and customer retention
  • Utilize data to build out accurate financial reporting and forecasting

Why Sisense?

  • Accurate and reliable data management
  • Quick, light and scalable deployment
  • Non-technical, user-friendly platform serving diverse user needs
  • Responsive support from sales & support teams

“We’re a data-driven organization. To satisfy our rapidly increasing need for information, Sisense provides a better ROI than investing in headcount or other tools.”

TJ Houk, Director, Business Intelligence

Company Overview

Founded in Vancouver Canada in 1999 and later relocated to the United States, Trupanion is the 2nd largest and fastest growing pet insurance company in North America. Trupanion helps people pay for veterinary bills if their pet gets sick or injured. The company is focused on pricing fairly and accurately to provide value to clients through claims payments. Over the years, with the company’s continued growth and success came the need for accurate, comprehensive and immediate information regarding its sales, customer service and retention operations. Trupanion built up an actuarial department and, in 2012, TJ Houk led the creation of the BI team within it.

Growth emphasizes a greater need for deeper analysis

Trupanion’s BI efforts involve data analytics, actuarial statistics and operational reporting. Because TJ also has an accounting and finance background, financial planning and analysis tasks are also a component of the BI workload. However, the company continued to grow and the requirements for data became heavier and more detailed.

“We had a desire to dive deep into the data but were continually distracted by ongoing, time-consuming reporting requirements. We spent a lot of time creating daily reports and not enough time conducting deep, investigative analysis.”

TJ’s attempts to expand analysis via in-house channels proved challenging.

“We were having a lot of data problems relating to inaccuracies and delays. Ultimately, I was the one responsible for BI, so I looked for the best tool that could meet our many data demands.”

Finding the right BI tool in Sisense

For Trupanion, data transparency is top priority for the organization. This meant that the company was looking for a tool that could be used by all company ranks. Another key component was the ability to manage the data without the technical know-how of a data administrator.

“I was looking for a tool that could serve three different audiences: executive, regional/divisional managers who are more focused on management and behaviors, and front line users in need of timely progress updates. We needed something robust that could handle the data, but could easily be used by non-technical users, myself included.”

Another Trupanion requirement was a quick deployment. The company was not interested in a long-term evaluation, development and launch process.

“A long roll-out process requiring consultants or reps needing to be on-site to connect the data was totally a deal-breaker for us. We had too many things that we needed to be doing. Sisense was quick and light to deploy; we were able to get proof of concept very easily and quickly.”

Uncovering market insights & promoting information transparency

One way Trupanion uses Sisense is to gain deeper insights into market segments.

“Data relating to breeds, geographies, referral source, and many other categories have different price points and churn patterns so we need to monitor our pricing and customer retention by precise segments. We want customers who are happy and stay with us for a long time at good margins, providing a high lifetime value. Another area of focus is marrying acquisition costs with customer lifetime values to make sure we are using our money and time in intelligent ways.”

Case Study: Trupanion

Hanging from the Trupanion office walls are TV monitors showing department KPI dashboards. Managers sit right in front of the dashboards keeping an eye on their teams’ achievements and overall department performance in real time (to learn more about this, check out TJ’s webinar on increasing data visibility).

“Some of my best moments are when a call-center representative runs up to the TV dashboard to their metrics update with a recent call. In our claims department, our dashboard shows our biggest claim of the day and our daily ‘number of pets helped’ to help motivate people and remind us all what we’re here for. We have customer service metrics visible by all departments so we can see how our efforts result in better experiences for our customers.”

All departments are happy, with Sisense

“At the end of the day, Sisense helps my team serve the company. Executives are happy because they have a clear view of business and company performance; our managers are happy because they can supervise and lead their teams; our IT team is happy because they’re free from reporting requirements; and our reps are happy because they get immediate recognition and feedback on the hard work they put in.”

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