ZipRecruiter Gets Better Access to Sales and Commission Data

ZipRecruiter is one of the largest online employment marketplaces in the world, helping to match over 100 million job seekers with millions of businesses. The company redefined how job seekers apply with their 1-click apply application process.

ZipRecruiter produces an enormous amount of data, giving them a detailed view of how their business works, and creating an opportunity to improve how they run it. ZipRecruiter chose Sisense for Cloud Data Teams to help analyze billions of data rows and provide an analytics platform that promoted a data driven culture.

As the VP of Key Accounts, Mandy Schaniel was a key player in promoting data fluency, “We try to use data at every level to influence our decisions. As we manage these products, we need to constantly evolve the reporting that we have.”

“I’m going to need the data this way, that way, sideways, and inside out to figure out the business and how to react.”

Mandy Schaniel Ziprecruiter
Mandy Schaniel, VP of Key Accounts at ZipRecruiter

Too much data is never a bad thing

As the amount of data grew, ZipRecruiter realized they needed a better way to manage growing internal demand for faster, more customizable analytics. The process for requesting new data pulls was agonizingly slow. According to Mandy, “Years ago, if you wanted a new report built, you created a ticket, made the business case, received approval for it to be built, and waited days or hours for the results. You didn’t have a lot of visibility into the data unless you had access to SQL.”

The company considered several options but eventually decided on Sisense for Cloud Data Teams as their primary solution for analytics and dashboarding.

Commission tracking with Sisense for Cloud Data Teams

Adopting Sisense for Cloud Data Teams gave Mandy unprecedented freedom to better manage how her team uses information. She manages a team of key account managers working name-brand accounts for ZipRecruiter and needed a way to save time calculating commissions manually.  This information needs to be timely and correct no matter the complexity of the commission plan. Having access to accurate performance data to meet that challenge is very important, “You make better decisions with actual data instead of finger-in-the-air guesstimations. I can go to any one of my reps and say ‘this is how you are performing, let’s work together to figure out how to improve’ and I can back it up with data.”

“Anyone who has managed a team and had to confirm monthly commissions can tell you it’s a major pain.”

The process required hours of work to ensure accuracy for every salesperson. When ZipRecruiter adopted Sisense for Cloud Data Teams, Mandy called a meeting with data and financial analysts to devise a better method and streamline activity.

The time saved in calculating commissions was significant. “Not only has it taken commission processing down from 4-5 hours per quarter to about 45 minutes,” she says, “but my team now has access to near real-time data to better manage their accounts. That’s incredibly valuable.”

Building new habits

Widespread access to Sisense for Cloud Data Teams promotes a data driven culture. Since adopting the platform, Mandy has enjoyed greater access to information that empowers her to make informed decisions on how to manage her team. Mandy summarizes her experience with Sisense for Cloud Data Teams best: “The ability to see the data in so many different lights is mindblowing!”