The Evolution of the
Sisense Brand

A journey of innovation and a mission to infuse analytics everywhere


The start of 2021 brings an exciting new phase in the Sisense journey! As we evolve our strategy to enable customers around the world to infuse analytics everywhere, we also have evolved our brand to match this exciting new phase. Let’s take a look together at our brand evolution story.

A bit of brand history

Originally, the Sisense brand was designed to emphasize our technological capabilities and presented Sisense as a hardcore power tool. Our visual identity was built on an eye-catching combination of yellow and black and was reinforced by the angular typeface in our logo. In May 2019 we completed our merger with Periscope Data and revised our positioning so we could resonate with a broader customer base. We started by surveying customers, partners, prospects, and employees to find out how they perceived Sisense.

We discovered that they considered us to be:





We also identified four key users of Sisense: data engineers, developers, business analysts, and business users; and we confirmed they’re instrumental in building their organizations’ data and business strategies. As a result we developed user-focused positioning that demonstrated how Sisense gives “power to the builders, insights to everyone.”

In 2020 a new round of funding delivered considerable growth and established Sisense as a leader in data and analytics. The elevation in the market, along with input from our community of customers, partners and prospects, created an opportunity to further evolve our branding and positioning.

The challenge

Growth led to the need for new branding that articulates our maturity as a company, our position in the marketplace, our knowledge and authority within the industry, and the role we play as a vital partner to our customers.

We want the brand to remain core to our beliefs — friendly, approachable, authentic, firmly connected to our customers, and responsive to what the market tells us. Our challenge is to bring to life a brand that reinforces these attributes and reflects the insights we’ve gained in a new round of research.

Our approach to brand evolution: Listening to our customers

Sisense puts customers at the center of what we do, by providing users with the ability to tackle the biggest and most complex analytic challenges, while still being simple enough to be used by almost anyone. 

When considering what Sisense represents, we turned to our audience for insight. We engaged independent research firm IDC to help us understand the state of the marketplace and its demands.

“Nearly 75% of organizations plan to add another BI and analytics solution in the coming two years.”

Internal Analytics Trends, Business Use Case Analysis, IDC, December 2020

The opportunity for our brand: Infuse Analytics Everywhere

To meet this challenge, we’ve embraced a new narrative to position our technology beyond just embedding dashboards: Infuse Analytics Everywhere

“The answer to the challenge of analytic adoption is deeply infusing analytics in business processes and workflows, and within products.”

Ashley Kramer, Chief Product and Marketing Officer, Sisense

The new narrative addresses the IDC research, and key considerations for choosing a new analytics solution, including: 

  • Performance
  • Scalability
  • System capabilities
  • Security and governance
  • Ease of use
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Better customer support

The findings confirmed that Sisense must continue to reinforce our technical excellence without losing sight of the fact that our users are people with whom our brand must resonate.

The new positioning is the foundation for the evolution of the brand and the launch of our new Fusion platform. We’re communicating two main points about how Sisense sees the opportunity for analytics to enhance the way we live and work.

1. The business and technological element

Companies have both business strategy and technical requirements. The Sisense Fusion platform fuses all of this together for a cohesive outlook across the business, then connects all your data together so you are able to analyze and augment the data to generate intelligence. Instead of just building insights, dashboards, and widgets, Sisense infuses intelligence that goes beyond standard BI. Business can infuse intelligence into business applications, workflows, and processes to make data-driven decisions easy. Businesses can also infuse intelligence to create new revenue streams, new products, new features, or enter into new markets. This generates an endless cycle of intelligence and innovation throughout your organization. The brand evolution sets out to represent that cycle prominently within the new identity and logo.

2. The human element

Data and analytics are infused into our lives in ways that were unimaginable just a few years ago. Analytics has enhanced the way we interact with brands, organizations, technology, even each other, as well as the way they intelligently interact with us. It’s a cycle that we want to amplify and promote. In short, it’s the opportunity for us to deliver on our mission.

Enter the torus: Visualizing the infusion cycle

The outcome is the torus, a simple, elegant visual expression of how the Sisense product infuses analytics everywhere. Essentially a doughnut shape, it symbolizes the continuous motion of data: how data goes out into the market, then returns and is infused back into the business to help make smarter decisions.

The new Sisense logo: From torus to “S”

It’s a great visual concept, but how could we simplify the torus down to a very sleek, distilled shape that expresses the essence of our brand? Keep in mind, we wanted to get away from the rigidness of the previous logo and all-cap typeface that  lacked character and warmth.

We discovered that when the torus is flattened to a 1-D shape and cut in half with the two pieces offset, we now see the Sisense “S” logomark. The two semi-circle pieces that create the “S” double as a doughnut chart and the “S” logomark.

“The evolution of our new design language is modern, simple, and full of personality. Each element has a unified data-centric look and feel that is flexible and cohesive throughout.”

Tommy Alderson, Sr. Designer, Sisense

A new visual language

Of course, the logo is only one aspect of the brand toolkit. To complement the logo, we’ve introduced a new shape system that consists of data visualizations and shapes in their simplest forms, while still maintaining the torus as the foundation. Slightly rounded edges have been added to these shapes to move away from the harsh, sharp angles of our previous logo and branding. The curves convey a warmer and friendlier appearance. The shapes are carefully meshed into photography, moving from foreground to background to give a sense of depth and dimension. These data visualization shapes also intersect and overlap with other shapes to show transparency and subsets of data within data.

We’ve also expanded our brand color palette for more vibrancy and flexibility. Sisense yellow (properly named “Sisense Sunglow”) is still one of our primary colors, but our secondary colors are more connected to our product and primary users. For example, we’ve added colors like “Clean White” for clean data, “Builder Blue” to associate with the builders, and “Sage Green” as a nod to our Sage archetype. The colors can be used in darker or lighter tones, or can be combined with patterns or gradients for flexibility in our design.

“I’m proud to launch the new Sisense branding, which heralds the start of an exciting new wave of analytics. It brilliantly reflects how we help all of our customers go beyond dashboards to infuse analytics at the right place and right time, every time. And it accurately articulates the role that analytics plays in business transformation.”

Amir Orad, CEO, Sisense

We are very excited to launch the new Sisense brand.
You can download all of our brand assets from our new brand portal.

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