Frequently Asked Questions – ReBranding

What will change with the rebranding?
We are fully merging the Periscope Data company and product branding into the Sisense brand.

  • Our new homepage will be
  • Our platform will change from “Periscope Data” to “Sisense for Cloud Data Teams

Will it look very different?
This will be reflected in our application through logo changes on the in-app dashboards as well as in embedded and shared dashboards where the Periscope Data name and logo have been used previously. Similarly, emailed dashboards and alerts will also reflect the change in their formatting. Loading symbols in the app will be changed away from being the Periscope Data logo as well.

Will default color themes change? 
No! Default color themes will not change, nor will any custom color themes that have been added to your site. Our website will have more yellow, though!

How will the rebrand affect the Periscope Data platform?
The name change to Sisense will impact a few things: the logo you see on our platform, the words you see on your invoices, the email addresses of your Periscope Data contacts, and several other similar details. However, the important things you have come to know and expect from us will not change:

  • Your in-app experience, the environment where you conduct your analyses, and the performance of our product will remain exactly the same. 
  • The product will run in the same way it always has. We’re proud of the standard of performance excellence we’ve set and as Sisense we’ll continue to set the same standard going forward. 
  • Our commitment to building the features and innovations on our roadmap will remain just as strong, only now backed with additional resources.

The people with whom you interact on a daily basis, whether it is support, finance, or our management team will not change.

What about customer service, any changes? 
No! You will follow the same protocol you do today for support.

What will remain the same?
Most things will not change with the rebrand! The platform will still be accessed through the “” URLs and will work the same as before. You’ll just see a lot less of the words “Periscope Data!” Contracts signed with Periscope Data will all remain valid. The people you have come to know and work with regularly will remain your contacts.

Why is this rebranding happening?
This has always been part of our plan, following last year’s merger with Sisense. We’ve reached a point where both the Periscope Data and Sisense teams are operating as a single entity in all aspects. As one company, we’ve decided to talk about our platform in a way that both recognizes the union of our technologies and acknowledges the users who have made it successful — that’s you!

Will the in-app chat still work? 
Yes! Our award-winning solutions team will still be taking chats Mon-Fri from 4AM to 5PM PT with our 5 second response time. We’re just called the Sisense Solutions Team now.

Do I need to add whitelisting for new emails for emailed dashboard reports, alerts, or password resets?
No! All emails sent from the product will still be from [email protected]. The emails themselves, however, will update to have Sisense logos and product names, where applicable.

Does this break embeds?
No! Embeds should continue working without any change needed. The only thing that will change for embedded and shared dashboards will be any visible Periscope Data logo and name, which will change to the Sisense logo and name.

Do I need to change the email I use for password reset?
No! User emails will not change and you should continue using the same one you currently log into the dashboard with.

Will the Documentation and Community pages be changing?
Yes! Documentation will be changing from to Be assured that all the same articles will be there, and a redirect will be set up so your bookmarks still work.

We’ll be moving most of the Community posts to the Sisense Community here:  Please continue to contribute all your great SQL and Cloud Data Team ideas there!

When will the rebrand happen? 
January 6, 2020

Who should I email if I need help?
We will still have operational emails, so emailing your CSMs email or [email protected] will still work! Don’t be confused if you see replies from emails though, as our emails forward to the new inboxes.