High Level Design


Several factors make the reduction of energy consumption part of a property management company’s agenda and sometimes part of a that company's strategic KPIs.

  • Consumption of energy is constantly increasing and fossil resources (main source of energy) are becoming scarcer. Due to the the above, energy prices are rising.
  • Environmental protection is an important aspect and could be a competitive differentiator as consumer awareness of environmental implications of energy consumption rises.
  • Legislation regarding energy consumption transparency and public reporting is becoming prevalent across different countries (carbon reduction targets).

Dashboard Example (sample data)

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Monitor electricity, gas, and water usage for properties


  • Track electricity, gas, and water usage for individual properties
  • Compare energy consumption of properties to the previous year
  • Compare energy consumption to adjacent properties

KPI Architecture


Objective KPI’s Measures Data source
Track individual property electricity, gas, and water usage Electricity (kWh) Sum (Electricity) Energy
Gas (kWh) Sum (Gas) Energy
Water (m3) Sum (Water) Energy
Compare property energy consumption to previous year % Change (kWh) GrowthPastYear (Electricity) Energy
% Change (kWh) GrowthPastYear (Gas) Energy
% Change (m3) GrowthPastYear(Water) Energy
Compare adjacent property energy consumption Zip Code Analysis Latitude, Longitude Zip Code Mapping

Entities Relationship Diagram

Property management dashboard