High Level Design


Keeping the customers we already have is usually better and cheaper than trying to find and win new ones. This is why most businesses aim to convert first-time buyers into long-term profitable customers. Customer Churn analysis is a powerful part of the retention efforts, and takes into account the percentage of subscribers to a service who discontinue their subscriptions to that service within a given time period.

Dashboard Example (sample data)

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Customer Churn - Customer Service Dashboard


Retain as many customers as possible.


Reduce customer churn by 20% from past year.

KPI Architecture

Objectives KPIs Measures Data Source
Reduce customer churn by 20% from past year. Customer Churn Rate Customers Acquisitions Customers base dimension table, Date dimension table and our Transactions fact table
Customers Ceased
Customers Revenue
Demographic Churn Analysis

Data Modeling (Elasticube Design)

Suggested data model for customer churn analysis