Stock Trader Dashboard

High Level Design


For stock traders looking to keep a high level view of the market in order to identify, analyze, and react to changes in the market.


Identify short and long term trends in individual stocks prices against the market in order to create opportunities for investment gains.


  • Visualize the best and worst performing stocks and allow quick analysis.
  • Provide context for price changes in order to ensure that changes allow users to react appropriately.

KPIs Architecture




Data Source

Identify stocks trending upward or downward

Growth rate

Identify how stock prices have changed

GrowthRateYTD(Stock Prices)

Fact_Stock data

Entities Relationship Diagram

Stock Trader Entities Relationship Diagram

Plugins & Scripts

  1.  Distribute Widgets Equally
  2.  Formatted Time
  3.  Iframe Widget
  4. Style Widgets Title


The following resources will enable you to design your dashboard and data model with sample data and then apply it to your own data. Note that you will need to have a previously installed version of Sisense (you can use the free trial version if you’re not a customer).

Sample data and dashboard examples (direct download)