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Survey Data Analysis

Surveys are a very common tool to acquire information about a field of interest; dashboards are a great tool to gain insights and derive action items from those surveys by finding a correlation between participants’ satisfaction and dissatisfaction in various fields. In this government analytics example, the survey is being done in order to learn about the satisfaction and opinions of a community.

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Property Management

Several factors make the reduction of energy consumption part of a property management company’s agenda and sometimes part of a that company's strategic KPIs.

  • Consumption of energy is constantly increasing and fossil resources (main source of energy) are becoming scarcer. Due to the the above, energy prices are rising.
  • Environmental protection is an important aspect and could be a competitive differentiator as consumer awareness of environmental implications of energy consumption rises.
  • Legislation regarding energy consumption transparency and public reporting is becoming prevalent across different countries (carbon reduction targets).

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NYC Accident Analytics Report

The Motor Vehicle Collisions data tables contain information from all police reported motor vehicle collisions in NYC. 228,047 of vehicle accidents reported in the NYC in 2018, according to data from New York City Police Department. That breaks down to: • 19,000 vehicle Accidents per month • 4,750 vehicle Accidents per week • 678 vehicle Accidents per day • 28 vehicle Accidents per hour • 1 vehicle Accident every 2 minute

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