High Level Design


Understanding how the salary our company pays compares to what competing employers provide their employees in similar positions, in the same area or market, gives us insight into the competitiveness of our company as a potential employer and the level of temptation for existing employees to leave our company in favor of better paid jobs elsewhere. Companies want to ensure that they offer a salary that is fair and competitive on the one hand, while avoiding inflated salary costs on the other hand. Comparing our salary rate with those offered in the industry will provide these insights.

Dashboard Example (sample data)

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Attract and retain talent by offering an attractive salary package to our employees.


  • Offer our employees competitive salary which is between 5-10% above the industry averages.
  • Identify which covariate has significant impact on the probability to win a deal.
  • KPI Architecture

    Objectives KPIs Measures Data Source
    Offer employees a competitive salary (between 5-10% above the industry averages) Salary Competitiveness Ratio (SCR)
    Formula: Salary offered by our company / Salary offered by competitors
    Number of Employees by Gender / Level
    Formula: Count Employee ID.
    Our Avg. Salary compared to Competitors
    Average Employee Annual Salary,
    Average Position Annual Salary.
    fact_Employee_Salary, fact_Position_Benchmark_Vendors
    Salary Distribution across our Departments

    Formula: Minimum, first quartile, median, third quartile, and maximum of our Salaries

    Identify which covariate has significant impact on the probability to win a deal Win rate per dimension Average(Win Rate) per dimension’s value Survey Results; Client; Account Manager

    Data Requirements

    # Source Table Name Table Details (Type, # of Rows, Key field/s)
    1 [ERP System] fact_Position_Benchmark_Vendors Contains annual salary data acquired from vendors providing industry HR data.
    2 [ERP System] fact_Employee_Salary Contains our companies list of positions and payings across our departments, with history.
    3 [ERP System] dim_Positions Contains the list positions, departments and level within the organization.
    4 [ERP System] dim_Gender Contains the list of genders

    Data Modeling (Elasticube Design)

    Suggested data model for salary competitiveness analysis