High Level Design


Campaign optimization requires the ongoing review of campaign performance to assess and determine which creatives, platforms, and other targeting parameters provide the highest performance and are the most cost effective. By focusing your advertising spend on the most successful campaigns, you will generate a higher return on your investment (ROI).

Dashboard Example (sample data)

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Ad Platform - Marketing Dashboard



Increase sales originating from our online marketing activity.


Optimize our online marketing campaigns across all platforms by constantly increasing our conversion rate.

KPI Architecture

Objectives KPIs Measures Data Sources
 Increase Conversion Rate  Conversion Rate (Conversion/Clicks)  CPM – Cost Per Mille (SPend*1000/Impressions)



Spend ($)

CTR – Click Through Rate (Clicks/Impressions)

CPC – Cost per Click (Spend/Clicks)

 Facebook Ad Insights, Google Adwords

Data Modeling (Elasticube Design)

Ad platform optimization data model