Google Analytics 360 - Visits Dashboard

High Level Design


Google Analytics 360 is Google’s flagship for digital reporting and analytics. It has reporting and tracking abilities and it includes features, such as multi-channel funnel reports, enhanced ecommerce, and attribution modeling One of the greatest premium features of GA 360 is unsampled data. With the BigQuery integration feature, all your raw data can be automatically imported into Google BigQuery where you can then query it to your heart's delight.

Among the areas that GA 360 covers are Traffic, Content, E-Commerce, Revenues, Sources, Geo, Google Ads and more.

(Attribution modeling uses machine learning to assign weights to each touchpoint of a user’s journey. It spans different devices and channels, combining data from Google Analytics, AdWords, and Doubleclick to comprehensively determine Digital Attribution.)

● The sample data set is of Google’s Ecommerce shop ● BigQuery Export schema


Improve ROI from data analytics, increase traffic from new users, optimize accessibility for clients, focus on core countries and recognize developing markets.


  • Monitoring total visitors and new visitors
  • Understanding traffic to the website by Geo, Devices, Channel and Browsers
  • Understanding visitors trends and patterns

KPIs Architecture




Data Source

 Total visitors & new visitors

MTD – # Total Visits

Total visits MTD


(sum([Totals.visits]) , [Months in Date]=this month )


MTD – # Total New Visits

Total new visits MTD


( sum([ Visits]) , [Months in Date]=this month )

YTD – # Total Visits

Total visits YTD


(sum([Totals.visits]) , [Year in Date]=this month )

YTD – # Total New Visits

Total new visits YTD


( sum([ Visits]) , [Years in Date]=this month )

New Visits This Week vs. Last Week

(Area Chart)

This Week: (sum([Totals.visits])

Last Week: ([Total totals.newVisits] ,  prev([Days in VisitDateAdjusted] , 14))

X-Axis: DayOfWeekNumber ((filter dates for last 7 days) and format date as EEEE)

Rolling 7 Days New Visits Growth


 rpsum([Total totals.newVisits],7) / (rpsum([Total totals.newVisits],14) – rpsum([Total totals.newVisits],7))

Traffic to the website  by Geo, Devices, Channel, Browsers




(Area Chart)


X-Axis: Days in Date

Break by: DeviceCategory


(Area Chart)


X-Axis: Days in Date

Break by: channelGrouping

Browsers (Top10)

(Area Chart)


X-Axis: Days in Date

Break by: Device Browser

Total Visits by City

(Scatter Map)


Location: City



  1. Disable Mouse Scroll Zoom On Scatter Map – When mouse scrolling on a Sisense dashboard that has many widgets – a Scatter Map can inadvertently be affected. This script will help keep the map in place. (link)

widget.on(“beforeviewloaded”, function (widget, args){

var map =;




The following resources will enable you to design your dashboard and data model with sample data and then apply it to your own data. Note that you will need to have a previously installed version of Sisense (you can use the free trial version if you’re not a customer).

Sample data and dashboard examples (direct download)