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Many airlines operate over 11 million flight departures per year. Because of the many departures, monitoring each airline's performance is necessary for an optimal customer experience.

Dashboard Example (sample data)

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Airline KPIs - Travel Dashboard Examples


Monitor daily Airline Performance


  • Track Performance KPIs:
    • Number of Cancelled Flights
    • D0% (percentage of flights with a Departure time of zero or less than zero)
    • D15% (percentage of flights with a Departure time of 15 minutes or less)
    • A0% (percentage of flights with an Arrival time of zero or less than zero)
    • Number of Scheduled Flights

KPIs Architecture

Objective KPI’s Measures Data source
Track Performance KPIs


# of Cancelled Flights Count(Flights) where CANCELLED = 1 Fact_Airline
D0 (Count(Flights) where DepTime <= 0) / Count(Flights) Fact_Airline
D15 (Count(Flights) where DepTime <= 15) / Count(Flights) Fact_Airline
A0 (Count(Flights) where ArrTime <= 0) / Count(Flights)  Fact_Airline
# of Scheduled Flights Count(Flights) Fact_Airline

 Entities Relationship Diagram

Airline KPI Dashboard