Sisense Data Connector for REST API

Expedite your Data Gathering and Analytics with Sisense and Custom REST

Connecting Sisense with custom REST APIs lets you create better pathways to your data and simplify your analytics. Take advantage of better architecture in your databases and speed up your queries with better caching. When you connect a REST database to Sisense ElastiCubes, you can enhance your web-based analytics and better understand your data as it arrives. Gather data without affecting your applications and improve your real-time performance for faster, relevant insights.

The Benefits of Sisense and Custom REST

Connecting your Sisense business intelligence with a custom REST database gives you several advantages, including:

  • Enable faster data collection and querying: using a custom REST API gives you smarter caching, which lets you make more queries in less time. Reduce your system strain and provide on-demand analytics for your team.
  • Build smart data pathways: create better connections between your data sources and your analytics with easier querying and custom endpoints for each application or website.
  • Keep your data warehouse organized: REST APIs let you keep your data warehouses independent from your live data, reducing the chances of accidentally altering a set. Use smart custom REST databases to allow for better and safer communication between your data streams and your data warehouse.
  • Improve your real-time data analytics: Use Sisense‚Äôs real-time analytics capabilities to provide better insights on your databases as soon as data comes in. smarter caching makes your gathering faster and lets your teams get data as soon as they require it.

Connecting to Custom REST

Get started with your Sisense and custom REST connector by reading this documentation.

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