The Guide to Data Profiling Tools

Our guide to the basics of data profiling and how to choose the best data profiling tool for your business.

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Data Profiling Defined

Data profiling is the process of examining data to determine data integrity.

We live in a world where the amount of data being collected is enormous and always expanding. In order for that data to be of any value, it must meet certain quality standards. Data that is incomplete, inaccessible, or inconsistent creates a huge risk for companies; you can’t make the correct decisions if you don’t have the correct information.

Ensuring that data fits within quality standards, or, identifying the places where data does not fit within quality standards is the aim of data profiling. By assessing data quality, you can identify the holes that lie there within, and ultimately, take control over your data.

Here is an overview of data profiling tools to help you choose which data tool is ultimately best fit for your company:

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The Benefits of Data Profiling Software

Automating the profiling process yields a huge value for your organization.

The right data profiling tools will increase data quality by eliminating errors and applying consistency to the data profiling process. Here’s How:

  • Predictive decision-making
  • Superior data credibility
  • Identification of granular data issues
  • Organized sorting
  • Enhanced data quality
  • Visual assessment of data health
  • Statistics Gathering at entity and attribute levels
  • Enablement of data cleansing projects
  • A cornerstone for data warehouse creation
  • Help with data migration
  • Proactive crisis management
  • Better prioritization for areas of improvement
  • Improved cost-effectiveness
  • Increased revenues
  • Boosted competitive advantage

Data profiling tools to help you run your business

Data profiling tools to help you run your business

Data profiling tools broaden the scope and improve consistency in data quality initiatives. In the past, data profiling was done through manual queries of a data source using Structured Query Language (SQL). This meant that in order for businesses to understand their data quality, they had to rely on skilled operators using SQL.

Like any human process, this meant data profiling could be prone to error and inconsistency. By automating the profiling process, data profiling tools greatly reduce the effort and cost of analyzing data quality, while hugely increasing accuracy and overall accessibility to insights gained.


Data Quality Software

Data profiling software executes a granular investigation of the structure and interrelationships within source data. As the quantity of data for many businesses is only expanding, automation is required for data cleaning. The right data tool can help mitigate a number of data quality issues automatically and reduce their impact.

By letting the software do the ‘heavy lifting’ of sifting through massive data sets, companies can focus on the output of the profiling efforts – insights into the challenges and opportunities represented in data. Ultimately, utilizing the best data profiling tools will ensure your data is yielding its maximum value.

What to look for when choosing a Data Profiling Tool

Can your data quality tool keep up?

The sources of data collection, and the amount of data being collected is only going to expand. Your data profiling tool needs to hold capacity for both your current data needs, and future data increases.

Can your software evolve with you?

The best data profiling tools can be easily upgraded and adapted as your business needs evolve. As your company scales, your needs will change, and the right tools will keep pace and propel your growth.

Can your software connect to enough sources?

Data profiling tools that can quickly run processes on, and accept data from multiple sources will offer the best utility to the end-user. With the right tool, a variety of data sources is not an obstacle.

Can your profiling tool complete the job?

Data cleaning is a nuanced process, and the best data quality tools offer a multitude of functionalities; enabling profiling, elimination, transformation, standardization, and harmonization of data – all within one platform.

Can your tool be easily used?

A good data quality tool will eliminate the heavy lifting from data preparation and cleaning. Your platform should enable simple user experience end to end, offering clear insights, and building a strong foundation for making forward-thinking decisions.

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