Analyze with Insight Miner Empowers Users to Uncover Hidden Insights

Analyze with Insight Miner (AIM) uses AI and machine learning to derive tremendous value from your data, serving up insights that were previously unknown, hidden, or
unreachable—all with a single click. There will never be enough analysts and experts to handle every data challenge. Now, you have another solution.

Empower End Users with New Insights
Compute thousands of complex calculation and present the results in everyday language. Even non-technical users can now execute higher-level analysis and dig up game-changing results.

Spread the Power of an On-Demand Analyst
Information is meaningless unless everyone can understand it. AIM uncovers hidden insights and automatically delivers them using visualizations and everyday language
so that your team and customers can translate insights into knowledge and make smarter decisions.

Simplify Business Complexities
No one knows your business quite like you. Let AIM help everyone in your organization or your users all get on the same page. Insights and explanations, generated using AI and machine learning, help unravel even the toughest business problems.

Supercharge Analytics and Build Stronger Products with Insight Miner

Build the analytics solution that works for your product, company, and users, then supercharge them with help from Analyze with Insight Miner. Users get world-expanding insights and you keep your Data Science and Analytics Teams sane.

Put a Data Science Team Anywhere!
Anywhere you’re using Sisense for analytics, AIM steps up the insights your users enjoy. Whether you’re embedding analytics into workflows, building standalone widgets, or integrating them into customer-facing products, AIM helps users get more value out of their data, uncovering insights that are usually hard to collect from data-driven initiatives.

Seamless Sharing
Insights are more powerful when you share them. AIM makes it super-easy to share new discoveries with one click, from whatever widget or dashboard they’ve been found in. Don’t let business-changing knowledge stay siloed. Empower users to share with ease.

Learning and Growing Together
You work hard to build and deliver the best analytics solutions to your team and customers. AIM works just as hard learning from their activities and serving up better
and better results, even suggesting who to share those insights with over time. Don’t just get a boost for your analytics, get a partner who’ll grow with you.

Analyze with Insight Miner is the democratization of data science, courtesy of AI and machine learning. It’s already hard at work in the Sisense Boto chatbot. Put it to work for you.
Visit to learn more and try AIM for yourself.