In a sentence 

Sisense Professional Services software engineers will develop seamless customizations and integrations to your deployment based on your specific requirements.


The Custom automation and Integration service objective is to develop a customized Sisense solution for your specific needs - be it a new type of widget, an innovative embedded solution or addressing a complex automation use case.

Best Fit for

  • Customers who require a unique solution and prefer to outsource development to Sisense, either due to time constraints, resource availability, costs or knowledge needs
  • Customers who seek advisory services, guiding and enabling them on Sisense best practices with complex development scenarios


  • Custom Solutions - Address your unique or complex use case with custom, purpose-built solutions. Our software engineers will work with you to develop custom data visualizations, advanced functionality, and a tailored user experience.
  • System Integrations - Create a seamless end-user experience with embedding options, security integrations, and tailored web applications. 

What should you expect?

  • You will meet with a Sisense Professional Services Lead to gather requirements and scope the project timelines and activities.
  • Once the project is signed and kicked off, you will work with Sisense Professional Services to go through an end-to-end development cycle.
  • You will conduct ongoing meetings with your Sisense Professional Services project manager to ensure the project is on the right track.
  • We will deliver the final product to you and make sure it is integrated seamlessly into your BI solution.

The Fine Print

Cost and Duration

The project’s cost and duration will be determined on the project scope.