In a sentence

Have Sisense’s Professional Services team work with you to implement an initial BI solution within 3 months or less - from the drawing board through initial release ending with further value realization.


The objective of the Jumpstart  is to start (or continue) the BI journey in a healthy manner and accelerate your  ROI by quickly implementing Sisense in a jointly defined use case. 

This is done by working on the following three key tasks:

  • BI Modeling and Design 
  • Platform and Architecture
  • Infusing Sisense - Integration and automation

Best fit for 

  • New Sisense customers who look for faster time to value and gaining a higher level of expertise in the product
  • Current Customers who are expanding their use of Sisense to a new use case in a new department/a new product


  • Design for one use case: this will include model, dashboard and widgets, including relevant data sources
  • A comprehensive architecture and platform design based on your BI and business needs
  • Work with your team to implement one of the following, based on your specific use case* 
    • Embedding a dashboard or widgets into one instance of a parent application
    • A working configuration for automated user creation

*  No custom code is included

  • Conduct a UX development best practices consultancy session

What should you expect?

  • Once purchased, you will meet Sisense team members to kickoff and plan your project
  • Based on the scope, you will work with your designated Project Manager on timelines, expected efforts, and activities
  • You will work with the Sisense’s Professional Services team on:
    • Assist your team to install Sisense  on your environment and assist with system configuration to meet jointly defined load capacity requirements
    • Defining, modeling and designing one high-value full use case to a fully working dashboard
    • Produce a Solution Design document  
    • Consult on Sisense best practices to embedded and integrate Sisense into your BI platform/solution
    • Conduct ongoing meetings with your Sisense project manager to ensure the jumpstart project is on track.

The Fine Print

Cost and Duration

The package is prepaid with a total of up to 120 hours.