Power to the Builders, Insights to Everyone

The Sisense Analytics platform slashes the time it takes to build, embed, and deploy actionable analytic apps that drive engagement, empower users, and surface deeper insights, easily. Sisense delivers the industry’s lowest TCO at scale, enabling ad-hoc analysis, pre-built dashboards, or embedded white-labeled analytic apps, all on a hybrid cloud platform designed to leverage all of your data together—no matter where it is.

Mashup Everything

The Sisense Elastic Data Engine is built for the realities of today's complex data landscape. Builders can bring together data from any source—on-premise and cloud—both live and cached. Serve up deeper insights to your users no matter how big or complex your data is, on a powerful cloud-native platform.

Embed Everywhere

Custom building analytics apps is a core part of the Sisense enterprise platform. Our cloud-native platform is designed with versatility and flexibility in mind and is perfect for DevOps processes. No more wrestling with clunky libraries or long, complex dev cycles. Purpose-built APIs, developer libraries, and customization tools allow you to build boldly!

Empower Everyone

Every step of the BI process is as radically simplified as it can be, from connecting to data sources and building dashboards to suggesting visualizations and sharing them with ease. Users of all skill levels get an easy-to-understand UI and AI-powered exploratory elements throughout the platform to drive insights.

Sisense is built from the ground up to make analytics and BI simple and powerful for everyone

At Sisense, we never stop innovating, continually building on our tradition of radical innovation to make the platform even more powerful, intuitive, and easy to use. Sisense is the ideal solution for discovering and sharing the insights in your data.

Elastic Data Engine

Powerful solutions to realize the most value from your entire data landscape

Advanced Ad-Hoc Analytics

Both native and custom options for advanced data analytics

Cloud Native Architecture

Elastically scalable hybrid cloud native architecture

Single Stack

Easy to use end-to-end solutions for simplifying complex data projects

Open Ecosystem

Tap into the ever-growing ecosystem of best in class adjacent technologies

API First

A full complement of APIs and developer support makes all things possible

Deeper Exploration

Empower Users to answer more questions from the same app

Ai Powered Data Experiences

Adaptive AI capabilities coupled with customized actionable workflows

Extreme Embedding

Deliver powerful white-labeled solutions to your customers, partners, & employees