Sisense is Redefining Business Analytics

At Sisense, we talk a lot about our 'secret sauce'. We've discovered a unique formula that allows us to make insights easily accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of technical ability. We're redefining business analytics by simplifying every step of the BI process for all users - from data preparation to delivery of insights.

So, are you wondering about the ingredients?

Radically Innovative Technology
If you want to outpace the competition, you'll need a partner that's as progressive as you are. From our core In-Chip® technology that processes data up to 100x faster, to how we've built IoT, machine learning, and AI into our cutting-edge BI platform, Sisense's innovations are designed to help users easily and quickly get the answers they need from complex data.

Instant Insights & Instant Value
Sisense's Single-Stack™ technology makes it easy to connect your data and get up and running instantly. In fact, we've proven to deliver ROI in weeks or months, not years like other BI solutions. Sound too good to be true? Let us prove it by helping you go from data to dashboard in just 90 minutes.

Obsessed with Customer Success
Your success is our success. We're an analytics company - we track everything But ask us about the most important performance indicator, and the undisputed answer is our customer satisfaction index. Our dedicated Custom Success Team proudly partners with every client at each stage of the BI journey - from onboarding to launch and expansion - helping you develop a data-driven culture.

Using the Sisense solution gives us the flexibility to quickly answer questions from our seniors or customers when it matters

Fabrice Valentin

Simplifying Business Analytics for Complex Data

Sisense dramatically simplifies business analytics for complex data. From data mash-up & preparation to visualizations, Sisense's open, Single-Stack™ platform offers users unparalleled agility without the need for technical expertise.

Sisense Single-Stack™ BI Platform


  • Connect rapidly and securely to any enterprise or online data source.
  • Mash-up and transform data in a visual, smart, intuitive drag and drop interface
  • Centrally manage data by changing, adding or removing data sources


  • Seamlessly integrate Sisense Single-Stack™ capabilities into your product
  • Embed Sisense components with iFrames, the Javascript framework, or Jaql language
  • Compete library of REST APIs provide advanced users customization capabilities


  • Easily build interactive dashboards, filter, drill into details and perform ad-hoc analysis to gain instant insights
  • Award Winning In-Chip® technology provides unrivaled query processing providing high performing analytics
  • Perform advanced analytics with R integration


  • Flexible deployment options allow for on-premises, private or public cloud - all from a single code base
  • Choose the cloud provider of your choice - Amazon, Web Services, Azure or others
  • Sisense managed cloud services provides instant upgrades, 24x7 monitoring, high availability and disaster recovery


  • Know what's happening instantaneously with predefined or anomaly detected Pulse alerts
  • Narrate each widget with Natural Language Generation (NLG) to consume complex analysis faster
  • Revolutionize insights through Amazon Echo, Bots and IoT integration


  • Securely manage and govern data with system level, object level, data level and row level security
  • Maintain copies of  your dashboards locally or across multiple environments for vital disaster recovery
  • Detailed audit trails tracks user interaction ensuring control