Sisense for Business Analysts:
Insights That Drive Positive Outcomes Fast

The Sisense data and analytics platform empowers business analysts to rapidly respond to business needs, delivering complex analysis that anyone can use to intuitively ask advanced questions and gain new insights.

Rapidly Respond to Business Requests

Analyze all your data and perform calculations and analyses on-the-fly across the entire data model.

Adapt and Respond to Business Requests Without Starting an IT Project
Power your analysis with governed data models that incorporate your complex data without any pre-aggregation or subsets of data. Support new analytical requests or change requests at scale without having to change the underlying data model.

Rapidly Analyze KPI Performance Against Trends, Patterns, or Anomalies
Instantly add time-dimension analysis to any existing value or formula with just one click. Calculations like past values, change over time, and running totals are executed without writing any SQL, giving you a historical perspective on your present KPI performance.

Create Business Logic and Complex Calculations Using Any Data Source Combination
Menu-driven formulas create business logic and complex calculations using Excel-like functionality. Combine fields from multiple data sources in your data model together in a calculation. Use any field as a filter, variable, or condition to refine your calculations to any level of data granularity.

Reduce Manual Steps and Processes to Generate Insights
Instantly understand commonly used fields as well as which fields are paired together for analysis. Smart Field Suggestions leverages machine learning to make the process of generating insights
more intuitive while reducing manual and repetitive tasks.

Sisense allows data to be accessible in a way that everyone can see it, understand it, and analyze it independently. That was probably the biggest win for us.

Brent Allen — Director of Infrastructure and WebOps, Skullcandy

Sisense for Business Analysts:
Build the Experience Business Users Need

The Sisense platform delivers robust data discovery experiences that enable all users to independently explore the state of their business.

Drill Down in KPIs All the Way to Record Level
Ask ad hoc questions of any KPI by drilling into any visualization using tables and all your historical, unaggregated data in your data model. Users who ask more questions from the data on their own reduce back-and-forth with business analysts to answer questions.

Address Unique Use Cases or Niche Business User Need
The Sisense Data and Analytics Platform’s API-first architecture makes it easy to deploy custom add-ons that extend beyond what’s possible with the core Sisense product. Fine-tune any aspect of the Sisense platform with hundreds of certified, paid, and community add-ons.

Automate and Customize Reporting for All Users
Create and customize formatted email reports, static reports, and PDFs of dashboards to match how your users want their insights, and how often they’re generated. Adjust the report layout, footers, and sizing of the content without adjusting or changing dashboard layout and interactivity.

Ready to empower your analysts to take it to the next level?

Liberate your IT team from supporting every change request that business analysts need to respond to business requests. Let us show you how Sisense is the most robust data and analytics platform on the market for business analysts to rapidly deliver insights that drive your business forward.