Tame Your Data Landscape

Accelerate your data workflows to deliver faster business results.

The Sisense data and analytics platform streamlines data pipeline management, governance, and security, enabling your business teams to drastically reduce time-to-insights with greater flexibility and user autonomy.

Data Pipelines Are Complex. Simplify Them.

Whether you’re looking to streamline ETL and data prep or enable users to deliver faster insights, the Sisense the platform simplifies and optimizes data workflows to eliminate bottlenecks and reduce operational costs.

Get the Maximum Value From Your Data Warehouse
The Elastic Data Hub makes previously incompatible data easy to mashup for analyst consumption. Query live data from your data warehouse or build accelerated ElastiCube data models from decentralized sources with predictable query cost when testing or scaling.

Unparalleled Data Workflow Transparency
Sisense enables easily observable and predictable data modeling from the cloud and on-premises data warehouses at scale. Whether querying data live or building ElastiCube models, the Elastic Data Hub creates a semantic layer between your data warehouse and end-users.

Streamlined Data Management and Migration
Sisense enables business continuity when data sources and requirements change. Analyze external data alongside your data warehouse data without requiring additional input and workflows to create compatibility. When migrating, Sisense allows for a smooth transition to your cloud data warehouse environment, eliminating any downtime during the migration process.

More departments would come to me wanting to use Sisense to solve their own data problems. The biggest success was in the fuel department — where in just a few months they saw an 80% increase in profitability.
Shane Hedlund, Profit Tools For Trucking

Sisense for Data Engineers:
Empower Analysts to Deliver Results

Optimize resources and eliminate back-and-forths between data engineering and business teams. Enable analysts and users to mashup, prepare, analyze, and explore data, then deliver full control of insight drill-down as required across devices and use cases.

Drive Adoption and User Autonomy
Drive organization-wide adoption with optimized workflows from data to insights. With intuitive user interfaces, no proprietary languages to learn, and AI throughout, there’s no need for rigid data workflows — giving greater control to analysts and end-users to deliver results fast.

Build Models Once, Power Many Use Cases
Make previously incompatible data easy to model together for analyst consumption, combine live and accelerated ElastiCube models in a single app, and reuse data models to answer different questions without going back to the drawing board.

Adaptive Governance and Security
Easily manage security across groups or by the data model, dataset, or data row. Admins and builders can set security protocols for end-user dashboards, providing access to the underlying data or pre-curated insights in published apps.

Usage Analytics and Monitoring
Use internal dashboards to track usage and performance across your organization. Drive adoption with greater visibility into data and dashboard usage and quickly adjust for slow-downs, problems, or abuse across all builders, users, dashboards, and datasets.

Ready to elevate your BI deployment?

Start optimizing your data workflows and delivering measurable results with the most robust data and analytics platform on the market. Let us show you how Sisense can take your data operations to the next level.