In a sentence 

Have a Sisense Solution Architect analyze your Sisense environment, providing you with key insights and recommendations to optimize your system performance and improve end-user experience.


The health assessment report will provide you with a detailed analysis of your system's health, highlighting the main contributing factors and suggested remediation steps to the challenges found. 

Best Fit for Sisense Customers Who Desire: 

  • Improved system performance resulting in better user experience
  • Optimization of resource utilization
  • A healthy Sisense environment 
  • Enhanced Sisense proficiency focused on usage 


  • A complete and detailed report, including:
    • Detailed results of the tested metrics including specific recommendations for each metric
    • An aggregated scorecard, mapping the main strengths and weaknesses of your Sisense environment
  • A 1-hour remote session with a Sisense Solution Architect to review the report and discuss findings, insights, and remedies.

What should you expect?

  • Once purchased, you will be asked to fill out an online form with basic technical information for our experts team to start working on your Health Assessment.
  • Based on collected logs and the information you provide, a designated Sisense Solution Architect will conduct the Health Assessment analysis.
  • Finally, the designated Solution Architect will meet with you and your CSM to review the report and discuss relevant action items.