As you scale up analytics, your concerns will be at the forefront — who has access to my data, who controls the permissions to view and share my data, and do I have a disaster recovery plan in place? Sisense employs a shared responsibility model with industry-leading practices to meet your security needs, and our security procedures are routinely validated by independent third-party auditors. Read more to understand how our data security controls bring customers peace of mind when it comes to growing both their data volume and organization.

1. Certifications

Sisense continues to maintain and invest in various security capabilities, solutions, and features to meet the ever-changing threat landscape. Our managed cloud is hosted via secure servers on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the industry’s leader in cloud computing.

Our certifications include but are not limited to:
• SOC2 Type 2 (Trust Services Principles)*
• ISO 27001 (Information Security Management Systems)

Sisense Cloud Managed Service is robust and reliable, providing a 99.9% uptime service level agreement (SLA). Read more about this SLA and our terms in our Sisense Cloud Addendum.

2. Our approach to security

Sisense regards all data provided by our customers as confidential information. We work with organizations of all sizes from nonprofits to large enterprises and industries around the globe, and are committed to protecting and defending our customers’ security needs.

We use industry leading frameworks from ISO, NIST, and OWASP to right size the security program when integrating security touchpoints throughout the software development lifecycle. Led by the practice of Security & Privacy by Design, we ensure security and privacy are baked into the Sisense Fusion platform. Further, in production, Sisense continuously monitors for health and the overall attack surface to ensure alignment with expected baselines, rapid identification of new vulnerabilities through threat intelligence, vulnerability management practices, and robust disaster recovery plans such as snapshots.

3. Data governance in Sisense

Sisense provides data security on both the row and data connection levels. Each data model uses discrete connections and authentication credentials, allowing control and auditing at both the model and database tiers.

At the object level, access control lists govern which users and groups can view or edit data models and dashboards. Both the access control lists and group management can be edited through the UI or automated via API.

As a result, widgets or dashboards automatically display different results for each user or group based on the databases and rows that those users are permitted to see. For example, you can create a performance dashboard for your sales team for each of them to see only relevant data, without being exposed to data that represents the performance of others.

Enhance security for your organization by reducing the number of times you need to log in to unique systems with secure SSO authentication via JWT, SAML, or OpenID Connect. Sign in to Sisense on any device, in any web browser, without risking security.

*Contact your Sisense sales rep or CSM to request our SOC2 Type 2 report, and we will provide you with an NDA.