Why Sisense + Snowflake?

The Sisense Data and Analytics Platform is purpose-built to create, customize, embed, and deploy custom analytics at scale. Combined with Snowflake’s modern cloud data warehouse architecture, builders can now be free to do what they do best — create value for their clients by enabling data-driven decision making and self-service analysis instead of worrying about analytics development and deployment. Open new revenue models that monetize the value of data within product offerings, and increase customer stickiness by leveraging AI to surface new insights and hard-to-detect patterns from data.

Flexible structure, deployment agnostic
• Snowflake delivers limitless storage and on-demand elastic compute power to provide dynamic query performance from your embedded analytic apps
• Sisense is built on a fully containerized microservices architecture using best-of-breed cloud-native technologies like Docker, Kubernetes and Linux for faster delivery, resiliency and scalability within Snowflake
• Deploy apps within a single-tenant, multi-tenant, or partially multi-tenant setup

Build and scale analytics in Snowflake
• Transform and optimize raw data for analytics or machine learning models using SQL, Python and R
• Connect directly live to Snowflake to power embedded analytics on any device
• No distraction of managing infrastructure, indices or tuning knobs as your data scales
• Distribute data with confidence using adaptive governance to support any organizational policy within Snowflake without data replication

Customize and integrate quickly
• A robust set of APIs, Embed SDKs, and developer toolkits let you completely customize and white label analytics embedded within any application – even on mobile
• Automate and manage your entire deployment workflow programmatically with a suite of Sisense APIs, SSO and AD integration
• Integrate application-like functionality and let users respond to actionable insights in external applications from within their own dashboard or analytic app

Increase customer stickiness using AI
• Sisense integrates AI throughout the platform to ensure that everyone across the organization can perform their best work with minimal hassle
• Sisense AI capabilities empower end-users with an easy-to-use environment to surface new insights and hard to detect patterns to all users, regardless of technical skill level
• Keep a pulse on your business with AI-powered anomaly detection and alerting, delivered automatically via a combination of email, the white-labeled Sisense mobile app and within workflows in external systems

Why Invest in Embedding?

Create new revenue streams
Anaqua, a Boston-based IP solutions customer, embedded Sisense into its software to provide end users with greater visibility and control over the full IP lifecycle. This move boosted the company’s offering, attracting more new customers in the first quarter of 2016 than ever before.

Establish market differentiators
Embedding Sisense into its existing offerings, the Lukens Company, a multi-channel direct response marketing agency, was able to easily and rapidly expand its business without added expense. The team also saw a 25% improvement in productivity.

Drive greater customer stickiness
Nasdaq built embedded Sisense applications to democratize access to data and monetize customer-facing analytics. As a result, Nasdaq’s investor relations clients share data across a wide range of applications and sources. With Sisense, Nasdaq has seen a 10x boost in performance.

Encourage end-user adoption
Philips Healthcare used Sisense embedding capabilities at Phoenix Children’s Hospital to significantly reduce administration of anesthesia. Doctors get easier access to data, allowing them to create behavioral workarounds. Before the Philips innovation, 85% of imaging patients were given anesthesia to restrict motion. Today, anesthesia is administered to ~15%.

Sisense and Snowflake are saving our teams 100 hours per week.

Tomas Lebovic, PRG
Manager of Reporting and Analytics

The proof is in the data — more than two-thirds of current Sisense customers white-label and embed insights in analytic apps.