Get deeper insights with powerful tools for advanced analytics.

Transforming raw data into actionable insights requires more powerful tools. Sisense enables data teams to build cloud data pipelines and quickly perform advanced analysis with the languages they prefer, all while using software development best practice workflows.

Empowering data teams to take data further

Write queries, analyze results
Profile, transform, investigate and visualize large volumes of raw data using SQL, Python and R.

Build cloud data pipelines
Easily ingest data into a warehouse, transform it with code, understand the dependencies between transformations, and deliver data models which quickly power complex queries.

Employ development best practices
Develop advanced analytics with the same Git tools and workflows used by software development team.

Encourage self-service exploration
Share actionable insights with the business and enable users to answer their second, third, and fourth questions independently.

Optimize Business Outcomes and Time to Insights

Sisense helps data teams deliver deeper insights, faster. With code-driven analytics, materialized views, and powerful tools for self-service users, it’s the total package.

End-to-end tools to unlock complex data

Code editor
Analyze complex, raw data directly from a warehouse with code in a high-velocity environment.

Materialized views
Reduce the number of expensive, time-consuming queries on your cloud data warehouse and shield your data from disruptive change. Set the stage for more complex analytics and machine learning applications.

Advanced ad-hoc analysis
Employ advanced analytical techniques using built-in statistical tools and powerful, code-driven libraries to find deeper insights.

Git integration
Centralize in-house code and use Git version control to track and manage changes to queries and dashboards with a bidirectional sync.

Self-service dashboards
Empower users to use dashboards to slice, dice, and drill into anywhere to answer their second, third, and fourth questions.

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