Sisense Code Driven Analytics with SQL, Python, and R in One Platform

Sisense Code Driven Analytics brings SQL, Python and R together on the same platform to enable data professionals to answer more complex questions, quickly.

Sisense Code Driven Analytics provides a seamless end-to-end analytics experience from querying in SQL, modeling in Python or R, then visualizing and reporting results — all on a single platform.

Seamless end to end  analytics with Sisense for code driven analytics including SQL, Python, and R.

Quick Start

Seamlessly switch between querying data in SQL and analyzing in Python or R — all on the same development environment. Quickly start the analysis with Python/R templates, such as regression analysis, confidence intervals, and matplotlib funnel. Easily explore relationships in raw data and data prep for ML models in your language of choice. Easily join results of predictive models with actual data to have all relevant insights in one place.

Central Location

All of your analyses are now in a central location, consistent, secure, and version controlled. Your teams can easily reuse code and centralize business logic to ensure analysis quality and consistency. Reduce data security concerns by running and sharing models on a secure and compliant platform. Sisense Code Driven Analytics is also SOC-2 and HIPAA compliant.

Highly Customizable

Create interactive and highly customizable visualizations using Python libraries or R packages such as plotly, or by leveraging Sisense preset charting options. Programmatically share visualizations with Sisense Code Driven Analytics extensive capabilities, including scheduling. Shared dashboards are up-to-date and interactive for end users to explore on their own.