In a sentence 

Have one of Sisense’s experts customize one of your widgets based on your specific UI and UX needs and based on our vast experience in contributing to high BI stickiness.


The widget customization service will provide you with a customized widget using BloX and will also provide you with a base template to change your other widgets to create a complete look and feel to your dashboards.

Best Fit for Sisense Customers Who: 

  • Are looking for a specific UI change to a particular widget but lack the knowledge or resources to create it
  • Are looking for new and quick ways to enhance their look and feel
  • Want to explore BloX customization capabilities based on a use case tailored to their needs*

* In these cases, customers achieved the highest success with bundling this service with our BloX virtual classroom course or our Dashboard UI/UX virtual course


  • A complete scoping document, based on your needs
  • One customized, BloX based widget
  • A dedicated session with Sisense expert for code review and detailed explanation, for future reference and adaptation

What should you expect?

  • Once purchased, you will meet with one of our expert team members for discovery and scoping sessions.
  • Based on the collected information you provide, you will agree on the desired solution.
  • Sisense experts will create a designed widget for you. In this process, you will provide your inputs and feedback to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Finally, the Sisense expert will meet with you to deliver the widget and review the underlying code, together with some best practices on how to duplicate the look and feel for other widgets.