Here at Sisense we’re obsessed with the success of our customers – it’s in our DNA. So when we received a “Perfect Recommend” in Dresner’s 2017 Wisdom of Crowds BI Market Study for the second year in a row, I was ecstatic. The Wisdom of Crowds BI Market Study is an objective source of industry research that surveys actual BI consumers, which means that our perfect recommend score is coming from the people that know us the best – our customers.

In a climate where people expect more than just a great product, it is our job as Customer Success Managers to maximize and help our customers achieve a strong and ongoing ROI. What’s our “secret sauce” for such happy and satisfied customers? I’m glad you asked.

  • A great product bolstered by internal expertise

The first and most important ingredient for creating happy customers is to understand their desired outcomes and help them achieve them quickly. Through our Proof of Concept we make sure to start our relationship with customers by understanding their real technical and business needs, connecting to their actual data sources, and showing insights almost immediately.

We think of ourselves as an extension of – and partner to – each and every customer, assigning each customer a personal BI Consultant and Customer Success Manager. This means we stop and learn about our customers’ day to day needs and long-term vision and use our internal expertise to make sure they get to where they need to go. And because we are lucky enough to work with both small, medium, and large organizations across industries from healthcare and financial services to manufacturing and energy, we are able to bring our experience and learnings from one client to the next.

  • A company-wide commitment to our Net Promoter Score (NPS)

It’s no surprise that customer success teams live and die by their NPS – a feedback score based on one simple question, “Would you recommend our organization to a friend or colleague?”. But it might come as a surprise that every department across Sisense is dedicated to doing their part to make sure all of our customers are happy ones. Customer success isn’t just a team within our organization, it’s a pillar of our company culture. Our Customer Success team works together with every corner of our organization, from Marketing to Development so that our customer journey is a smooth and rewarding ride all the way through.

  • A highly engaged client community

Achieving ongoing ROI doesn’t just mean meeting your service level agreement and answering the phone when your customer calls. Creating a community where customers can interact with other customers is paramount to success. For example, the Sisense online community is home to a broad knowledge base where customers can interact with one another by asking questions, sharing tips and tricks, and exploring tutorials and best practices.

Your customer success strategy can (and should) even extend beyond the screen. By hosting intimate customer meetups and events, like Sisense Connect, customers can swap stories face to face and hear firsthand experiences of their peers’ successes and challenges, best practices and how-to’s. At Sisense, we engage our customers for feedback on our roadmap because, at the end of the day, if our product doesn’t work to meet their needs we’re doing something wrong.

Dresner’s acknowledgment of our market leadership comes on the heels of multiple other industry recognitions — including moving from a Niche Player to a Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics Platforms and CRN naming us to its 2017 Big Data 100: 40 Coolest Business Analytics Vendors — all of which we recognize wouldn’t be possible without the success of our customers.

And while we’re flattered to receive such recognition we’re not settling. We continue to strive to improve the value our Customer Success team delivers and are always reaching to do even more. So, thank you – and here’s to continuing our partnerships and joint innovation.

UPDATE: Dresner’s 2018 Wisdom of Crowds BI Market Study is now available. Click here for the latest report.

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