Sisense Data Connector for MemSQL

Visualize Your Data Warehouse With Sisense and MemSQL

Connecting your Sisense BI platform with a MemSQL database can help deliver better understandings of your data while providing quicker analysis. Quickly analyze your databases in real time as new information arrives and combine your new data with historic benchmarks along with archived sets to improve trend comprehension.

Easily visualize complex datasets to more efficiently leverage data across departments. Derive instant, actionable insights from your data, including geospatial data.

The Benefits of MemSQL and Sisense

Connecting Sisense BI tools with MemSQL presents users with distinct advantages, including:

  • Expedite the analysis process: By using Sisense with MemSQL, your databases are always primed for analysis. Conduct in-depth queries right away on data that is collected, stored, and organized 24/7 across distributed cloud clusters.
  • Visualize data clearly and efficiently: Dynamic data visualizations help you understand critical processes, from customer onboarding to email marketing strategies to sales failures and more. Identify pain points, recognize patterns, and act on data-based advice to design better, more productive strategies.
  • Real-time analysis down to the sub-second: When you incorporate MemSQL with your Sisense BI tools you optimize your ability to act quickly on data and to empower teams to adapt as new analyses emerge. For industries such as finance or healthcare the option of constantly refreshing the data can make a major difference in building a current picture of the data and promptly responding to shifting realities.
  • Target Customers with Exact Segmentation: Enhance your customer targeting abilities by integrating Sisense’s BI tools and MemSQL’s data management capabilities. Combine customer touchpoints in real time, reconstruct customer journeys and onboard data-driven counsel about future targeting tactics.

Connecting with MemSQL

To begin your Sisense and MemSQL integration, explore the documentation here.

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