The Sisense data and analytics platform for:
Data Engineers

Tame your data landscape with the data and analytics platform that allows you to manage data pipelines, govern user access, and create user autonomy.

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Build Custom BI Platforms with Sisense

Sisense Managed Services

Manage complex
data processes

Sisense Manage Data for Analytics

Gain data transparency
and control query costs

Sisense Data Filters for Analytics

Open data silos and mash up
decentralized data

Sisense Data Governance

Manage user access
and data security

Sisense Advanced Analytics

Increase visibility
into data usage

Sisense Dashboards

Create end-to-end usability
for nontechnical users

Top Reasons Data Engineers Choose Sisense

Dale Bradman

Data Engineer

Sisense has opened doors for us, but on a daily basis, we appreciate the ease-of-use and scalability it has brought to Profusion.

Mark Hopkins

Chief Information Officer

With our BI housed within Sisense, we could integrate our text and sentiment data using a few different techniques. Our BigSquid partners suggested using Python and it’s natural language processing libraries to understand what customers are talking about, and Sisense helped us use AWS Comprehend to understand how our customers feel about our products.

Eric Bernstein

President - Asset Management

We can’t always control where the data lives or where the environment or infrastructure are. So having a solution that could be hosted on-premises super important to us. That weeded out a number of the other players.

Data analytics for data engineers

Build Trusted Data Pipelines with All Your Data Sources

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Sisense Is a Leader in Analytics and BI

Value delivered, early innovation, and customer success are what make us the leading Visionary in the Magic Quadrant.
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Sisense earned top rankings from customers for ease of use, ease of doing business with, and quality of support.
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Forrester Wave Report Names Sisense a Leader

Leader for Enterprise BI for both on-prem and in the cloud. Recognized for complex data, innovation in augmented analytics, and breath of use cases.
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Dresner Names Sisense an Overall Leader

Overall Leader for customer experience and credibility with high scores for value and integrity put us consistently above the rest.
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