Share Insight

By QBeeQ

With this plugin any Sisense user, viewer or designer, will be able to immediately share a widget insight directly through your most-used DM application. Enable any user to immediately share or report an insight from within the dashboard, without leaving the Sisense environment, retaining an analytical state of mind and preventing redundant cognitive context switch.


Any user can share insights from within the widget menu, via several instant messaging apps such as Slack, Whatsapp, Skype and more, while adding a custom message, the current filter scope context and providing an immediate link to the widget or the dashboard at hand. These immediate insights can be sent to any user in your organization even if they don’t have a Sisense user!


The message sent will include the following as seen below:

  1. The sender's contact details.
  2. A snapshot of the widget you’d like to share, pivot widget’s will be attached as a csv file.
  3. The filter scope of the current dashboard context.
  4. A link to the dashboard or widget, inviting the recipient to further investigate.

To share an insight from any widget on the dashboard, click on the widget menu (three vertical dots at the top right-hand corner of the widget) click on ‘Share Insight’ -> choose your DM app


For Slack, you can choose to share the insight with any user or channel in your workspace:


Then select the user or channel:


Add a custom message:


Click ‘Send’ and Voila!  Your message has been sent!

In addition to the insight you wanted to share, the recipients will see:

  • Who shared the insight from their workspace
  • The custom message
  • The applied filter scope for the specific insight, in order to keep the analytics context
  • A link to the respective dashboard
  • A PNG snapshot of the insight, pivot widgets will be attached as a csv file



Attaching a csv export of a pivot table insight:


Responses to your respective DM will appear on a custom widget on the dashboard enabling complete communication and collaboration from within the dashboard without leaving the Sisense environment
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